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Social Media Problems

Social media plays a huge role in many of our daily lives, but we miss many things because we’re so plugged into our phones/computers/tablets/etc. Sometimes we need to put down the phone and just take in the world. Enjoy the fresh air, take a walk, have an actual conversation with someone, rather than talking through messenger. Unplug and just forget about trying to get followers on Twitter, or taking that perfect shot of whatever meal you’re eating.

So here’s five problems with social media and why we should all just take the time to enjoy the physical world around us, not just stay locked into the digital one.

  1. You’re constantly looking down at your phone/tablet/computer/etc.- Think about it most of the time if we’re looking at a device our face is tilted downward because we’re not holding the device directly in front of us at eye level. This is bad for your neck, and sometimes it’s good to have a break from these devices, and social media tends to be a big reason why we’re always staring at one device or another.
  2. You’re missing out on so much that is happening in the physical world around you- Really you are. Think if not everyone shared what they are even doing we’d never know because we wouldn’t call them, we’d just be waiting for them to post it to social media. Stop waiting to see what everyone is doing on Facebook and actually go out and do something fun, like talk a walk outside, go fishing, swimming, paint a masterpiece, do something.
  3. Drama- Facebook is drama central. For me it’s literally like I’m in high school all over again as I scroll through my news feed and look at certain people’s posts. So and so did this, he’s cheating, etc. Social media platforms are not the place for you to post your drama-filled life. Not everyone wants to know what is going on and sometimes it’s just annoying when it’s always the same thing over and over again.
  4. Likes- Likes are a good thing but they are also a hazardous thing. Some people crave the need for attention and need likes to feel important. Stop doing this. You don’t need likes to be awesome. Be awesome regardless of how many followers you have on Twitter or how many likes you have on Instagram. You don’t need everyone’s acceptance, and the likes are only that, random people accepting you because of a post, not for the actual you.
  5. It’s a DISTRACTION!- All forms of social media distract you from what is really important, time with loved ones and actually getting things done. I can’t tell you how many times I find myself on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/etc. instead of actually writing. Social media distracts us from the things that are most important because we feel the need to stay in the loop with everyone when in reality we could pick up the phone and actually call someone if it was that important. But it seems we’ve all forgotten how to call a person on the phone nowadays. Which is rather sad.

Stop the distraction, unplug, go outside, do something adventurous. I promise Facebook will still be there when you’re finished with the real world. Because I’m sure there are people out there that miss talking to you, rather than just reading your words on a screen. Reading can never replace a person’s voice, the sun in the sky, or the cool spring breeze. So enjoy life and don’t waste it by spending all your time with your head staring at a screen.