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Ghost and the Graveyard Book Review



Grateful Knight isn’t looking for love when she moves into a rent-free house on the edge of a graveyard. At twenty-two, all she wants is to recover financially so she can move back to the city where she belongs.

But sparks fly when the gorgeous cemetery caretaker, Rick, introduces himself and mentions his suspicion that her new house might be haunted. Her attraction to him seems supernatural, and despite her resolve to not get involved, she literally can’t keep her hands off him.

When things in Grateful’s house start moving on their own, another man enters her life, Logan, a sexy ghost with a dark secret. He says Rick isn’t what he seems, and indulging her passion for him could cost her soul.

One thing’s for sure, magical forces are at work in the tiny town of Red Grove, and they’re converging on Grateful. Life will never be the same once she’s forced to choose between the ghost and the graveyard.

Rating: Five Stars
Recommend: Definitely
Read Again: Maybe

I’m not much for romance-y novels. In fact I try to steer clear of them. But as part of a book challenge for work I was required to read a romance novel. Seeing as paranormal things are interesting I went with this novel, halfway expecting to force myself to read it.

It was hard to read the sex bits of the story, but that is because I’m not one for a lot of sex in what I read. However, there wasn’t a whole lot in here, at least not to the point that would warrant me putting it down.

The story line is amazing. I can’t say that I’d do the same things as Grateful but I do feel that I’d own up to the responsibilities laid out in front of her. The novel was written great and the plot rolled well. It definitely sucks you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you try and figure out what decisions Grateful will make. I found myself yelling at her a few times even, and tearing up at certain places.

I’d definitely continue the series because I really want to know what happens next and highly recommend this novel to anyone that likes romance and paranormal. It’s definitely worth the read.

Chasing Spirits Book Review




Take a look behind the scenes of the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures with paranormal investigator Nick Groff as he shares his favorite explorations of the supernatural. From recording strange voices during his dusk-to-dawn lockdowns at “haunted” places to a face-to-face encounter with a spirit at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, Nick reveals an inside perspective of some of the most mind-blowing incidents caught on-camera, a closer look at some of the gadgets and gear used in the show, and the friendly and competitive camaraderie between the Ghost Adventures crew—on the set and off.
Chasing Spirits also invites you into Nick’s haunted past, where a childhood near-death experience, an energetic passion for life, and a love of movies fueled his imagination and curiosity about the afterlife and started him off on his paranormal path. That path combined his interests in a documentary on ghosts that would eventually launch the Ghost Adventures television series and phenomenon. Everything Nick has witnessed and done has convinced him of the reality of the hereafter and inspired him to improve his personal and professional relationships and to continue to learn what it means to be a human being on a spiritual journey.


Rating: Four of five stars
Recommend: Yes
Read Again: Maybe

My Review:

I really thought I’d enjoy this more then I did. Now I loved the book, but I thought I’d really, really love it. I do love how Nick describes his favorite locations and gives behind the scenes detail of things we don’t see in the show. I love how he explains how Ghost Adventures started. Is fascinating to see how everything fell together like it did.

I love how he goes into detail on the history of locations like they do on the show. I find it all fascinating to one degree or another. I love the paranormal stuff and reading how they started. It’s intriguing and it gives you more of a feel for the show. This is especially true if you’ve never watched the show our have only caught glimpses. You see what it’s all about and can feel the real-ness in his words.

Reading the book gives me a greater respect for all who are on tv investigating the paranormal. I can see how hard it is for them to really get started, and it’s tough.

I loved the book. I’d probably read it again, for the history of the haunts and best places.