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Legend of Zelda Fanfiction


“Hey! Listen!” Navi yelled directly in my ear.

“What is it now?!?! Can’t I sleep a little longer you dumb fairy?” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I set up from my hard bed. ‘Wait, why is my bed hard? My bed is usually quite soft.’

“You are not in the castle anymore Princess Zelda. Gannon altered what was your world. You and Link have traded places. You are now to save Link. You are now the hero of Hyrule,” Navi said as he fluttered above my head.

“Do what? How am I to save the hero? How am I the hero? Ugh! I don’t want to be in this altered reality. I want my nice comfortable bed back!” I protested.

“You can have all that back once you defeat Gannon. You must go to the Deku Tree and start your journey and change things to how they should be. Pouting and kicking your feet are going to get you no where. Link never complained when he had to go and save you all the time. Look at it as you are returning the favor for all the times he has saved you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess it’s time I saved him this once. I mean how hard could it be after all.”

“You’ll be regretting you said that miss. Link works hard each time he has to save you. He battles spiders, skeletons, ghosts, lizards that breathe fire, and so many other weird things to save you each and every time. He doesn’t complain. He does it because that is who he is. He is the hero. It’s his job. Now it is yours. Now hop to it.”

“Fine!” I stood up and stormed out the front door of the tree. Falling quickly to the ground, not realizing that Link’s home was in the top of the tree.

“We’re coming Link. It just may take a while.” Navi sighed as he fluttered to my side and we began the journey to the Deku tree.