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Trick or Treat: Halloween Author Giveaway

Sins of the Past is releasing on Halloween this year and as a treat we decided we wanted to do a giveaway geared around the books release. I have another anthology project that I’m helping with releasing on Halloween and it is also going to be a part of our giveaway. As well as my best friends zombie novel, my novel, and a few other great novels from some other amazing authors.

At this point our contributors are:

Chasity Nicole
Debbie Manber Kupfer
Misti Blake
N.M. Scuri
Misha Burnett
Ashley Torbeck
Kevin Hall

I am recruiting other authors to be a part of this process and am so excited to see how our giveaway turns out. A weekend of giveaways will certainly be enteresting.

https://www.facebook.com/events/773984125994324/ –> the link to get you to the giveaway page to join in the tricks and treats.

Favorite Authors

I’m an author and have found it interesting when you talk to other authors and ask who inspired them to write. Sometimes you get family, others it was just a passion, but for me it’s more than family and writing being a passion. There are a few authors who inspired me to write, and I felt like sharing them in a blog post for today.

Shel Silverstein: I’m not much of a poem writer but I always loved the Shel Silverstein poem books when I was younger. Not really sure if he is an inspiration behind some of my poems but he is definitely worth mentioning as a favorite author.

Kathy Reich: By far she is my favorite author, and has been a big inspiration in not only my writing career but with following my career path to be a crime scene investigator. 

James Patterson: I’ve read a few Patterson novels, but my favorite by far is the Maximum Ride series. It really got me thinking about writing and got me to pick my novel back up. 

Gena Showalter: When I was working at Books A Million I picked up Alice and Zombieland. For me this was odd since I’m not a zombie novel fan, but am an Alice fan. I found out that I really loved the book even though it was zombie related, it kept me on my toes. From this I was inspired to create my own zombie world, and even though it has never made it way to being written it is still there and will one day be written.