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Why I wear Purple

At the age of 4 months my brother had his first seizure episode, having nearly 30 seizures in only a few minutes. We rushed him to the hospital where they pricked him countless times with all sorts of needles trying to help stop the seizures, and my brother was really scared. I was freaked out and didn’t really know what to do, I believe I spent most of the time crying.

I spent my 16th birthday in ICU with my little brother, praying he was alright. He was diagnosed with complex fibral seizures, and his brain suffered from the trauma. For the next year my brother would scream when a doctor or nurse came near him, or anyone in green scrubs. Which wouldn’t you if you had just went through that?

A year later he had another big episode and regressed back to square one. So we had to reteach him how to walk and talk. So me and my mom sat in the floor teaching him how to walk, and trying not to ball our eyes out while doing so. Things were tough. I was in high school, and missed a lot of classes helping with my brother. He eventually began walking and talking and everything was fine.

Until he started kindergarten and his teachers basically called him stupid. One time his teacher called saying I don’t know if he is having a seizure or he doesn’t like me. My brother is now nine years old, and is a happy little kid, even though he went through all of that. He has his struggles, like most kids, but he’s awesome, and the funniest kid you will probably ever meet.

So the reason I wear purple is in support of epilepsy, as well as the support for my brother. He has come so far, and I love him so very much.