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Whispers in the Night: A Collection of Short Stories Cover Reveal

Whispers in the Night: A Collection of Short Stories

Release Date: March 21st, 2018


What happens when a fairy has lost their way? Or an evil head mistress runs a boarding school where children are disappearing? What about dreams that feel so real you wake up to find it wasn’t a dream after all? How about talking pants? Find out in these nine twisted and dark tales written by Chasity Nicole, previously published in other anthology collections.

Featuring Stories:

A Ghostly Haunting: Originally published in Sins of the Past

Graduation Day: Originally published in Sins of the Future

The Lost Fairy: Originally Published in Darkly Never After

The Hexed Pants

And many others…




Sins of the Gods Cover Reveal

October 31st 2014 we released our first Sins of Time collection titled Sins of the Past. A year later we released our second titled Sins of the Future. This year we’re releasing Sins of the Gods. Sixteen tales of Gods and the mayhem that follows them. Each author takes you on a journey with a different God as you dive into an unknown world of chaos.

When the paths of gods and men cross, then the skeins of fate twist. And none more twisted than the sixteen stories of mayhem, horror and the plain weird in these pages.

Sins of the Gods features:

Heart Eater Mirren Hogan

Black Dog Misha Burnett

Coils Valery Riddle

To See Her Ana Marija Meshkova

Gorgon’s Daughter Stephanie Barr

Dikē Ian Richardson

Raising Hel Chasity Nicole

Roleplay Don Miskel

Minos’ Sin Kerry E.B. Black

Once I was a God Fiona Skye

Diana Louise Sorensen

Midas Rae Lyn Bardon

Shades of Black Debbie Manber Kupfer

The Dream R C Larlham

House at the End of Eternity Jen Ponce

The Watcher Angela Nolan

Now that you know about our collection, it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for- the cover.



Wicked Rescue Mission Cover Reveal

Wicked Rescue Mission is the second novel in The Valhaven Island Trilogy. You can find the first book, Wickedly Misunderstood on Amazon.


What do you do when the world is perfect one moment and in shambles the next? When your girlfriend’s kidnapped and taken to Hell by the Devil’s son. All we know is that Ember overheard a conversation between Piper and her father one night before Blade kidnapped her. She left us a message on a crumpled painting that gave us pieces of information. Leaving the eight of us to put it together to save her.

Our only mission is to get her back because our lives mean nothing without her. But, we’re only teenagers with superhuman powers, we don’t have the power to walk between Earth and Hell. So, we turn to the only person we believe we can trust.

That’s when the unthinkable happens and we’re left back at square one. Can we keep fighting and save Ember from her exile? Does someone work out a plan to travel to Hell to save her?

The people we thought we could trust are turning against us in ways we never expected. So now, we must hurry to save Ember before it’s too late.

Release Date: December 7th, 2015

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The changes that have been going on! Plus Cover Reveal!

The Changes

So, as you all know I’ve spoke of excited changes that have been going on. Only a few people have known that when I started editing Wicked Rescue Mission that I took a look at Wickedly Misunderstood and decided to re-edit it as well. Of course, most of my changes have only been minor and the story plot never changed, so I left it up on Amazon during the changing process. And soon I’ll be re-uploading the inside file with the re-edited story, as well as a brand new cover. And in this newsletter today you’ll get to read the first four chapters of the newly edited Wickedly Misunderstood and see it’s new cover. So, without further ado, here’s what you’ve been anxiously awaiting.

Sneak Peak At Updated Chapters

Being the town weirdo wasn’t all that bad. Sure, people looked down on you. Always whispering terrible rumors about how strange you are or how you need help for all the issues they make up. It doesn’t help matters that I don’t have friends—not like I want them anyway. But it would be nice to have someone on my side every once in a while. I was too dangerous to get that close to anyone. In fact, I’m a danger to myself.
I’m a psychic. And I don’t mean one gifted with only one type of psychic ability; I have multiple. I have telepathy, I can predict future events also known as divination, telekinesis, and I can manipulate one’s mind putting disturbing images in their minds’. I can also speak to animals, telepathically. Aside from psychic abilities, I also have pyrokinesis. I’m referred to as a pyro-psychic. Everyone is scared of me for those reasons. My name doesn’t help either.
My name is Ember Jade Rayne. Odd name, I know. And before you ask… No, my parents didn’t name me Ember because they knew I could manipulate fire, that didn’t come until later. I didn’t find out about my pyrokinesis until I was five years old, I accidentally set my cousins hair on fire on Christmas morning. My namesake also didn’t come from the fact I was born with fiery red hair—which is now long—or because my eyes are bright, almost-lime green. My eyes also have a blue ring circling the iris. A week before I was born, the Hualalai Volcano erupted, spreading massive amounts of fiery lava towards Kailua. Luckily, the lava never made shore, because it was a small eruption, but on that day my parents decided it was a sign to name me Ember. My dad also likes volcanoes. Jade came to be my middle name because my mom loved the stone, and the color green. Imagine her shock when I came out with bright almost-lime green eyes, she was perplexed but also delighted—I have gorgeous eyes.
But this was me and my not so ordinary life; in Kailua, Hawaii. But as if things couldn’t get any stranger, today was a day that could change my life forever.

Chapter 1
My alarm clock rang at six-thirty in the morning. Although, I don’t seem to hear its ear-drum bursting blare. I’m a sound sleeper, but luckily for me my cousin, Kait, isn’t.
“Wake up lazy bones, and shut that darn alarm off. You know some of us don’t have to get up early for school,” Kait yelled through the wall.
“Yeah, yeah, I hear the blasted thing. No thanks to your big mouth yelling. I could barely hear it over you,” I said, shutting the alarm off.
“Thanks twerp. Now you better hurry your pretty head up, you don’t need to be late on a half day.”
Kait is two years older than me, and is a big reason behind why everyone in town fears me. We used to be close, but growing up somehow caused us to dwindle from being best friends to mortal enemies. I suppose it dealt with her moving in us, when my uncle—her dad—passed away. We both went through emotions we didn’t understand, and what five-year-old would? That was when I set her hair on fire, and we found out about my pyrokinesis. My cousin grew into a beautiful lady, with beautiful blonde hair, and I ended up being the town weirdo, all because of her.
“I’m getting to it. Just keep your clothes on.” I got out of bed, sluggishly. “Ugh! Why does morning have to come so freaking early?” I grumbled, talking to myself. Talking to myself is something I do often. It makes me feel as if I am not actually alone. That aside, I headed for my closet, tripping over my own two feet. I am far from a morning person; I wake up groggy, and walk as if I was drinking the night before. Which was far from the case.
“Today feels like a preppy Goth kind of day.” I plucked a white button up blouse and a black plaid mini skirt from my closet. “Now for my black and white chain gloves, black make-up, black and white heels, spike choker, and my lime green leggings,” I said out loud, planning the rest of my attire. Afterwards, I darted all over my room grabbing the rest of my clothes, tossing them onto my bed.
“Next comes the shower. At least I know Kait hasn’t used all the hot water; she’s still in bed.” I headed out of my bedroom and into the bathroom. I rushed for the shower, tripping over the clothes left carelessly on the floor. “Mental note: strangle Kait after school.” I turned on the shower and jumped in, nearly falling on Kait’s blue bar of soap. “Kait!”
I finished up my shower and jumped out, wrapping myself in a towel before darting back to my bedroom. My skirt ripped when I slid it on. “Kait! How many times have I told you not to wear my clothes? Your hips are wider than mine. You ripped my favorite skirt! I hate you so much.” This was the fourth skirt she’s busted the seams of this month. For a girl, who ratted me out as a child, and caused me daily agony, she sure loved to wear my clothes. I ran down the stairs after grabbing another skirt from my closet. Being clumsy as I was I tripped and fell down the remaining six stairs, landing on the hardwood floor with a loud thump.
“Morning, dear. Want some breakfast?” My dad chuckled as soon as he saw me get up from the floor.
“Um… What did you cook this time?” I asked, rather scared. My dad normally didn’t cook. Unfortunately this month mom was out on a business trip leaving dad to be the chef of the house.
“Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, cheese grits, and buttery biscuits.” I’d notice the stench of burnt bacon as I choked on smoke. But at least it smelled like bacon, instead of something dead.
“With all this smoke, why didn’t the alarm go off?” I asked coughing, I opened the front door to get rid of some of the smoke.
“I was smart, I took the batteries out this time,” he said with a smile, holding up the D-cell battery from the alarm.
“Ember did you set the living room on fire again?” Kait asked walking down the stairs.
“No!” I rolled my eyes walking away from Kait and into the kitchen. It was best to stay away from her, today was going to be a good day. Half days were supposed to be good days at school, and not ruined by your annoying, bratty, older cousin.
“Good, let’s keep it that way. I don’t want to have to move because of you, arsonist freak!” Kait grinned, I glared at her.
“Yeah well, at least I don’t bring strange men into the house when everyone’s asleep. I wouldn’t, even if I was living with my uncle. You do! You know we didn’t have to take you in. So shut up!” I turned around to look her square in the face. The ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you just said that,’ and ‘you’re so dead,’ look on her face. The cat was out of the bag. I’d publicly exposed her secret.
“She’s been doing WHAT!?” My dad was usually calm and handled bad situations in a joking manner. But for once, he was furious—no pissed! He looked like a dormant volcano that finally reached its boiling point, and now, was ready to erupt.
“Yeah, Dad. She’s been sleeping with every guy that goes to my school. Or the sleazy ones at the clubs she goes to. And here’s the real kicker, no condoms. The dudes brag about it as I walk by them. I think they are scared of me, but they think because my cousin is a skank that I am one too,” I responded in an innocent tone.
“Kaitlyn Marie Rayne, to your room, RIGHT NOW! Ember, get to school. Here’s some money. Get you some breakfast on the way.” My dad opened his black leather wallet, handed me some money, before walking up the stairs.
Kait stormed up the stairs and into her room, slamming her bedroom door behind her. Then you could hear her door fling open, honestly, it sounded like one of the hinges broke and hit the floor with a loud clang. Then, there was yelling, lots and lots of yelling. You could hear objects being thrown about, impacting the wall, and glass shattering. This being normal behavior for Kait. When she was in trouble, she would throw temper tantrums, like a really upset three year old that didn’t get the toy they wanted.
“Well, I’ve heard enough, guess I better head to school now.” I headed for the door, snickering. Was it so wrong for me to be enjoying my cousin getting yelled at because I ratted her out? Of course not, she shouldn’t have said those awful things about me. Normally, it didn’t bug me, but family should accept you, no matter what. She didn’t. I was a freak of nature to her, especially after she’d seen me use my ‘special gifts’. From then on, she hated me. Wasn’t my fault.
“Well screw her; she’s the reason everyone found out about my secrets. She’s why society is scared of me. If it wasn’t for her, I might actually fit in,” I said as I got into my car and backed out of the driveway and headed for school. Really dreading it as I got closer, and closer to the school.
Chapter 2
Pulling into school always sucked. I could deal with seven hours sitting in boring classes learning nothing, but I couldn’t deal with the glances. I was the oddball out, I didn’t fit in anywhere. I was the only ‘psychic freak’ as everyone put it.
Sighing, I pulled into my parking space, lucky number thirteen.  The school board found out about my abilities and assigned me the spot. They tried to expel me, on several occasions. But didn’t have the grounds to do so because I didn’t do anything wrong on school property. Since they couldn’t expel me, the worst punishment they could come up with was to give me the number thirteen parking space. Which just so happened to be under a huge coconut palm tree, that frequently dropped coconuts.
“Hey look! It’s the freak!” a boy named Travis said pointing an accusatory finger my way.
“I’m not in the mood to deal with any jerks today. So do us and the rest of the world a favor and shut the heck up!” I yelled getting out of my car.
“What ya gonna do, set me on fire?” He rolled his eyes while throwing his hands into the air, as if to say, ‘I’m not scared of you.’
“No, worse. And that thing you just did made you look so dumb. But I guess you are,” I called back heading for the school‘s front door, and into the building before he could say anything else.
Everything went silent as I entered the building. Before it was an uproar of everyone talking at once, then nothing. Told you no one liked me, and that everyone was scared of me. I proceeded through the silent crowd and to first period, which was advanced chemistry. A few minutes later, I’m at my desk, alone. Having no friends allowed me to be the first one in my class every morning.
I pulled out my textbook, just in time for the bell to chime. When the bells rang, the school turned into a zoo. Everyone stampeded into class so they wouldn’t be late. If you were late, you were in trouble. Second bell rung and everyone was in class—all but our teacher.
“Yo, fire chick! What’d you do set the teacher on fire?” a girl named Hope asked, while everyone turned to glare at me.
“Seriously, why would I do that? Unlike the rest of you, I value my education. So setting the teacher on fire would mean no lesson, no learning, and no education. And my name is Ember, not fire chick,” I said glaring back at them.
“Sorry, I’m late class,” the teacher said as she bursts through the door, “Pull your books out, turn to page two-forty-two, and begin the lab at the end of the chapter. All your supplies to make silver in a test tube are at your lab desks.” The teacher sat down in her chair while everyone pulled out their textbooks and read.
It wasn’t like most classes where you could skip the reading, and just do the lab. You actually needed to read. The chapter contained important information that dealt with the labs, and not reading could result in a fatal accident.
Thirty minutes passed and everyone began getting up and darting for their lab desks. Supplies scattered and clanked throughout the room. Unfortunately, this class was mostly full of idiots, which were only in this class because they needed the extra points that came with passing an advanced class. Advance classes versus honors classes allowed one to have a higher grade point average without having to make A’s in every course. For every C you got in an advanced class it was worth an ‘A’ in a regular class, so you got more points, without actually trying to make a good grade. Without those extra points some people in this class wouldn’t be able to graduate this year.
“It goes smoother if you set up your supplies in the order they are needed. Not to mention placing your beaker in the holder, so it doesn’t slide around while you’re putting in the chemicals.” I rolled my eyes watching my classmates mess up. Sighing I got up and headed for my lab desk. My lab desk was the only one that was set up for one person, not specifically for me, but because normally one person remained after pairing up. Although, the one left got to work in a group of three, no one wanted me, nor did I want any of them. Working alone was my best bet. At least I knew my experiments were done correctly.
“Oh shut up, lonely girl! We know what we’re doing. We don’t need your help. So why don’t you just go talk to a bird or something?” Emily sarcastically stated. Emily was a snotty, evil, stuck-up blonde bimbo.  She was the girl with a new boyfriend every week, had been pregnant like twenty times.  Emily literally was the town whore. If you wanted an easy chick, that wasn’t bad looking, she’s the girl to call.
“You have a brain the size of a bird, so why don’t I talk to you,” I replied as I got to my desk and got my materials from inside. I never made eye-contact with her. “Nothing to say? Good!” I said as I begun to mix the chemicals in the order they were called for. As I began to shake the test tube, the classroom phone rang.
“Ms. Belle’s room,” the teacher said, answering the phone.
“Alright, I’ll send her down as soon as she finishes her lab,” the teacher responded. Then, she hung the phone back up. “Ember, could you come here for a moment?”
“Yeah.” I walked to the front of the classroom still shaking my experiment. “What do you need Ms. Belle?” I asked looking at the teacher’s cluttered desk.
“They need you in the office as soon as you are done. It’s very important.”
“Alrighty then. Well, I’m done with the experiment. Should I go now?” I asked, puzzled. The only time the office wanted me was when I was in trouble. What did I do this time?
“As long as you’re finished,” the teacher said. She then added, “Your homework consists of the questions at the end of the chapter. I don’t think you’ll be coming back before class is over, so take your stuff with you.”
“All right.” I headed to my lab desk putting my test tube in its case before locking it up. I headed to my desk, packed my bag up, and ran out of the classroom heading for the office.
“I wonder what it is now… Maybe the stupid cops are trying to pin another unexplained fire on me,” I said to myself as I walked down the empty hallway. The hallway was eerie when everyone was in class; it was way to quiet. The lockers towered over everything, judging everyone that came out into the silent hall.

Chapter 3
I opened the office door and walked up to the secretary’s desk and said, “Ms. Belle said I was needed in the office?”
“Mr. Blacke needs you in his office immediately,” the office secretary said, smacking her ruby red lips together.
“Ok then. Is he in his office now?”
“Yes, I’ll let him know you’re on your way.” The secretary motioned me toward Mr. Blacke’s office. She picked up the phone and dialed Mr. Blacke’s extension as I headed in the direction she ushered me toward.
“Mr. Blacke, may I come in?” I asked, knocking on the door.
“Come in, come in,” Mr. Blacke said opening the door.
He was strangely cheerful, and didn’t look pissed at me, so I wasn’t in trouble…or was I? This ran through my mind as I noticed two strange people sitting in the chairs in his office.  The two people looked like business executives, and not like any business executives that you saw in Hawaii. More like those that you see in fancy New York skyscrapers, selling some type of unnecessary insurance.
The woman’s hair shined an extremely beautiful silvery-color. She wore very little makeup; a bit of black eyeliner surrounded her big, violet eyes, and a tinge of pink lip gloss was lightly applied to her lips. She wore a black business skirt, a white button up blouse, and black heels completed her business-like attire. She looked really professional. The man was old, and wore glasses, he gave me the creeps. But old, bald, geeky men generally gave me the creeps. The man was also fidgety, like a child that just ate a ton of candy and trying to sit still. An odd aroma came from his direction of the room, it smelled like cologne, but not good smelling cologne. Honestly, he smelled like an old goat that rolled around in mud and sealed off the odor by baking in the hot summer sun. He wore a suit, but it was simply black; black slacks, black top, black shoes. He looked like the definition of a creeper.
“What am I in trouble for now?” I asked entering the office.
“Nothing. These people are here to talk with you about your special gifts.” Mr. Blacke did air quotations as he said special gifts.
“And who are they?” I asked, now even more confused, and slightly agitated because I didn’t know what was going on.
“I’m Jun and this is Mr. Snake. We are here from the Sky Prodigy Research Facility,” the lady said, answering my question. Just as she finished speaking she stood, walking over to me holding out her hand, I politely shook it. “Please sit down, so we can discuss what we do, and how we want to help you.”
“The WHAT facility? What does this have to do with me and my special powers?” I sat down in the chair, closest to the door, that way I was further away from them—and close to the door, in case I needed to escape.
“It is a facility on a private island. There we do research to figure out why certain teens have uncommon abilities. We strive to help those teens control their talents, so they can utilize them to benefit the world and not be seen as a nuisance. Have you ever experienced a time where your emotions controlled your abilities?” Mr. Snake asked, his voice was deep and sounded hollow with a sort of echo to it.
“There’s been a time or two where my emotions have caused accidents. And let me guess, you want to do research on me? And you want to help me control them? Well, how the hell do you control psychic abilities and fire? I’ve been trying since forever, and it hasn’t done any good. So I doubt you could do any better.” I looked at them with my hands on my hips… with dead certainty burning in my eyes.
“Ember, they can help you. They want to help you. Put you with those like you. Figure out why all of you have what you have. They pay for everything. Clothes, food, furniture, school supplies, everything,” Mr. Blacke said with excitement. It was hard to tell if he was excited for me or just excited to get rid of me.
“We even pay for your college. Any of your choice, for any career path you choose. Even a brand new car when you get to the island. We will even bring your current car, if you want us to do so,” Jun chimed in, trying to make the whole thing sound even better. It was slightly working.
“What about my music? And my art? Will you provide the means for me to still do all that? Because I write songs, play guitar, draw in a sketchbook, etch in foil, and paint on canvas. Will I have all of that? What’s the catch?” I asked to get them on something, anything.
“Anything, my dear. Anything you desire you get. New car, musical instruments, art supplies, books, you name it, and you got it,” Mr. Snake replied. In my head I was thinking I wish he wouldn’t speak, because his voice really freaked me out. Now, I was wondering how he knew about my ‘gifts’.
“No catch. They genuinely want to help those like you,” Mr. Blacke chimed in, making himself known once more.
“Will you come? Will you let us help you?” Jun asked her voice as cool as a fall breeze. Her voice wasn’t creepy, which was why Mr. Snake wouldn’t come alone, his voice probably scared everyone away. It made me want to run away, and I didn’t run from anything.
“How will you help me control my powers? What do you plan to do? What if I burn the facility down? What about my parents?” I asked. I may have been the weirdo of the town, but my family loved me. They accepted the freaky powers; loved me no matter what I was, or what I did.
“We have a controlled facility that has eight testing labs. Each one is specifically designed for the eight of you. Your lab contains walls that are fireproofed, so you will not be able to burn the building to the ground. As for the rest of the facility, we can only hope you won’t burn it to the ground. We also have all the labs being monitored, via camera, and are watching as the eight of you are testing, that way we can come in if anything goes awry. You will have daily tests where you are testing your abilities, and pushing them to the max, bettering your control over them. That way your emotions don’t overpower you, allowing your abilities to go haywire. We will also keep testing with your peers to a minimum, to prevent any hazardous situations. We have a plan for everything. You have nothing to worry about,” Mr. Snake implied as he tried to smile. It was more of a half-smile, or a smirk, either way it was creepy.
“As for your parents they will be given a special cell phone, which allows them to call you, and only you, at any given time. You will have one too, but yours allows you to call anyone at the facility.” Jun held up two cell phones. A red dragon decorated the center of the cell phones, which was rather shocking since the dragon looked very familiar. The dragon looked like one I dreamt about over the last two weeks. Was that a sign? The phones also appeared to be very high tech, and very different from the usually one I carried.
“It’s a very good opportunity for you, Ember. They can help the world understand the gift you have,” Mr. Blacke added in.
“Well, I suppose I have no real choice in the matter. It sounds like a good idea, I want to understand it. I need to control it, and figure out why the heck I have it. I want to go to college, and not be considered a freak. So I guess I’m in. But I’m keeping my own car, and don’t want it bugged either, and I wish to be able to travel to the mainland at any time.” I made my demands clear, and emphasized that if they weren’t met I didn’t go.
“Of course. There is a ferry you will have full access to, and we won’t put a tracking device on your car. Mr. Blacke has already informed us of your free-spirited behavior. So we won’t keep you on lock down and will give you your space.” Jun smiled. “We will escort you home so we can speak with your family about this.”
“I could call my Dad and have him come here, actually. My cousin would get too much satisfaction knowing I’m going away. Not to mention, she would make fun of me and say I’m going to a school for freaks,” I replied, hoping they wouldn’t want to go and visit my house anyway.
“That’s fine, my dear,” Mr. Snake said, “Call and see if he can come and meet us here.”
I nodded in agreement, grabbing the phone on the principals’ desk, and dialed my house. The phone rang a few times before it was answered.
“Mr. Rayne speaking,” my dad said as he answered, he rarely said hello.
“Dad, I need you to come to the school now. I’m not in trouble, but some people need to talk to you about me,” I said trying not to sound like the biggest fool ever.
“Ok dear, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” My dad replied from the other side of the phone. From his tone, he was mad about something. My bet was Kait, or mad that he needed to come to the school.
“Okay, Dad.  See you soon,” I said hanging the phone up, looking slightly depressed. “He’s in an ill mood. My cousin has caused him to flip his lid.” I looked up at the ceiling.
“Kaitlyn always was the one to do that when she was here too. Hopefully everything is alright though,” Mr. Blacke said, looking as if he felt sorry for me for having to put up with her.
“Your cousin, is she gifted as well?” Mr. Snake asked.
“No. She’s a pain in the butt, that’s her only gift. She hates me, and despises what I am, calls me a freak, a lonely freak, which will never have anyone because I’m the only one like me,” I mumbled, hoping no one really heard me.
“Well, you’re not the only one, other’s exist. Seven others to be exact. All of which you will meet once at the facility. All of you are very different, ability wise. But you all share the psychic abilities; just some have developed more than others,” Jun said as she opened up her purse and pulled out seven Polaroid pictures. She handed me the pictures as she told me a bit about each of them. “Elecktra is sweet and bubbly, and very electrifying. Kai has achieved many awards for his smarts, and is fluent in several languages. Sage has won several competitions for his strength. Dante is shy and quite misunderstood, but he is very reliable. Harleigh is eccentric, and her mood easily changes the mood of those around her. Thirteen has won awards for her insane climbing stunts, and prefers to be around anything climbable.  And Blade, well he’s probably going to be the difficult one, because he has a bad personality, and doesn’t play well with others. But we hear you are the same way, so you two should get along great.”
I flipped through the pictures, looking at each of my soon-to-be peers. Honestly, none of us looked remotely normal. Thirteen sported green hair, Harleigh rocked pink hair, and Kai and Dante’s blue hair completed the odd hair colors. Elecktra, Sage, Blade and I were the four with semi-normal hair, but abnormal eyes. We were just as unique as our abilities; that was at least something we had in common. However, something about Blade gave me the creeps, his picture caused something within me to stir. Something about his eyes, and he looked so familiar, but I know I’ve never seen him before, ever.
“So, let me get this straight. Blade is the pretty boy, slash bad boy. Elecktra is the mysterious girly-girl. Dante is the emo kid. Thirteen is the misunderstood punk girl or possibly a monkey because of this picture. Harleigh is the bad girl. Sage is the jock, and Kai is the sensible smart one. Wow, I should so fit in,” I said laughing out loud. Actually I should fit in, they were like me and they were different like me. Rejected from society because they were special. “I can’t wait to meet everyone,” I said finally, just as I got the last word out someone knocked on the office door, my dad walked in.
“Whatever she did, I’m sorry.” My dad huffed, as if he were gasping for air after a two mile run.
“She isn’t in trouble, Mr. Rayne. She is getting a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Mr. Blacke said, scratching his head in amazement.
“Huh?” was all my dad could say.
“Sir, my name is Jun, this is Mr. Snake. We are from the Sky Prodigy Research Facility, and we want your daughter to come back with us so we can help her control her abilities, to help the world better understand those like her,” Jun calmly said gesturing to Mr. Snake.
“Ok? There’s others? What does she get in return?” my dad asked. He was the King of Twenty Questions; he wanted to know everything about everything. He spent several months researching me trying to find answers, and trying to fix me.
“Well, she gets everything she needs. Clothes, food, new car, ferry passes, jewelry, art supplies, anything. Plus you get a special cell phone to reach her anytime you wish to speak with her, and only her. She has one as well that allows her to call you.” Jun held up the cell phones.
“My college paid in full, Dad!” I yelled jumping excitedly – very unlike me.
“You want to do this?” he asked as I nodded agreeing that this was something I wanted to do. “If you want to, I can’t say no. You’re seventeen and able to make that decision. It sounds like a great opportunity for you as well. So I say go for it.” My dad sobbed as he finished talking.
“Thanks Dad!” I was trying to hold back my own tears. I didn’t cry, EVER. But I’d never been away from my dad before – this was going to be hard.
“Then, it’s settled. We need you to sign these papers before we all leave for the airport tomorrow morning.” Mr. Snake handed my dad some papers. His voice still creepy as ever.
“All right.” My dad took the papers and started to fill them out. After a few slow, boring minutes he finished and we both signed them before handing the papers back to Mr. Snake. He grabbed the papers, placing them in his black briefcase, which also contained a red dragon symbol. Mr. Snake proceeded to shake my father’s hand.
“Ember, you go ahead home and get ready to go. I’ll inform your teachers of the change. Go spend the rest of the day with your dad. And good luck,” Mr. Blacke said, ending the meeting in his office. This meant ‘ok everyone out of my office, now.’ At that note everyone left his office.
“Here’s your flight information. As for your car, it’ll need to be driven to the dock before your flight, so it can arrive the same time you do.” Jun handed me some papers and walked towards my dad and held her hand out to shake his hand, my dad completed the gesture. Mr. Snake and Jun then headed towards the front of the office, preparing to leave the school.

New Cover for Wickedly Misunderstood


Resurrection of the Fallen: Surviving New York by: Misti Blake Cover Reveal

Author Misti Blake revealed her book cover for her upcoming novel: Resurrection of the Fallen: Surviving New York. The book itself will release on November 1st, 2014. You can find out more on where to find it by visiting her author page on Facebook. She will also be having a giveaway on the day of the novels release.

Book Blurb:

With survival of the fittest taken to the ultimate level after Germany and the USSR sleeper cells unleashed a nasty virus upon the planet, a group of five must find a way to survive a city that was once inhabited by thousands of people. Most of the world has become victims of this virus and turned, making survival for them so much harder. Can the ex-army ranger keep his two daughters safe, along with the two strangers that they had met on the day of the outbreak? Or will they all fall victim as well? Find out in this unique zombie novel where the cannibalistic undead are blind to light and salvation for our heroes lies on the other side of the infested city.

This novel contains gore, romantic relationships, and macabre instances. Not suggested for younger readers.

*Drum Roll*


Sins of the Past Cover Reveal

Sins of the Past was started on November 9, 2013 by Kelvin V.A. Allison (or as we’ve come to know him as Scoobert Mills). Sins of the Past is a historical horror collection of short stories and contains seventeen spine-tingling stories that will leave you hungry for more. Each story is different from the next and happens within different periods of time.

From World War I, World War II, the Civil War, Rome, Vietnam War, etc. Each author brilliantly paints an image of whatever time period their story takes place in. All stories being accounts of history that have taken place but have been twisted a bit to reflect the horror genre that was needed in each story.

From werecats to ghosts saving the day. Hangings to being maimed.

Stories featured in Sins of the Past:

  • VishKanya (The Poison Maiden) by Sunila Vig
  • Sic Semper Susurrus by Matt Lovell
  • Maleficium by Kerry E.B. Black
  • Good Puritan by Laura K. Cowan
  • Blood Tribe by Don Miskel
  • It’s All Good News by N.M. Scuri
  • Melusina by Kristin Roahrig
  • Sanctum by J. Kendall
  • A Ghostly Haunting by Chasity Nicole
  • Traitor Coward Betrayer by Joseph Lofthouse
  • The Beast of Alkali Lake by Jen Ponce
  • In the Stillness and the Silence by T.D. Harvey
  • Birthright by Andy Morris
  • Griddlebone by Debbie Manber Kupfer
  • Nature’s Revolution by Michael “Mad Mike” Nagy
  • We Pass From View by Misha Burnett
  • The Innocent by Cleve Sylcox

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The cover reveal.


Daughters of Night by Ashley Torbeck Cover Reveal

Imagine the world you know being ripped away from you, and suddenly you realize all the fairy tales and scary stories just might be true…
The only thing Carmen really wanted was to live a normal life, but when the man of her dreams turns her into a monster and she learns of her witchcraft heritage, she said goodbye to normal and entered the world of the Daughters of Night.
Daughters of Night: Sanctuary
Life is hard. Death is harder. But for Carmen, the two go hand-in-hand.
Just when Carmen thinks her life is looking up, fate steps in and forces her into a life or death decision. Literally. Choosing to follow the guidance of her soulmate Gaviyn, Carmen breaks a centuries old curse and learns to live life as a vampire and a witch. With so many unanswered questions and hidden truths, though, Carmen keeps learning new facts about the past that only leave her with more questions. But the dangers are far from over as the pair is hunted by The Eradicators-whose goal is Carmen’s eternal demise. Gavin and Carmen seek out Sanctuary-a coven of misfit vampires and witches-in the battle for all their lives, and only the greatest sacrifice can save them all.
Daughters of Night: Possession
Taking refuge in the Colorado Mountains, Carmen and Gaviyn finally have it all. Friends, followers, and the family they had always dreamed of. But when a new vampire coven threatens to destroy Carmen’s family and release an evil with a thirst for blood upon the world by consuming Carmen’s mind, body, and soul, the vampires and witches of Sanctuary find themselves at war again. The key to Carmen’s salvation from the grips of a powerful demon, however, lies with a girl that none have ever met. With Carmen’s possession growing stronger by the minute, it’s a race against time to find the mystery girl and save Carmen before the demon consumes her – and still find Damien – before it’s too late.
Daughters of Night: Tribulation
After all that Carmen has been through, there is nothing she won’t do for her family. Nothing.
With Damien still missing and the new vampire coven still on the prowl for Carmen’s blood, Carmen goes looking for trouble, and finds more than she bargained for. Carmen’s sudden disappearance forces Gaviyn to make some changes at Sanctuary-one of which will change the course of their coven, and pave the way for the future of Sanctuary. Damien, after being tortured to the brink of death over and over again, finally finds an ally, but she’s hiding a secret that Damien might not be able to forgive. With more twists, turns, and loops than a roller coaster, Carmen and Gaviyn work with some surprising new friends to save Damien and defeat the wicked coven-and their tyrannical High Priestess-once and for all, while Damien tries to survive the torture and find his way back home. But as always, sacrifice is the name of the game, and this time, it may be a sacrifice nobody is willing to make.

About the Author

An avid reader and sarcasm specialist, Ashley’s quirky and bubbly personality stems from the vast amount of information she crammed into her head as a child. No genre was off limits, but she developed a fondness for Stephen King books early on. Of course, growing up in Eastern Kentucky, life moved a little slower, so books became her closest friends. 

Fast forward a few years, and the vast insanity that surrounded Ashley became her life. In January 2009, she married the only person on Earth as insane as herself, and they now reside in Louisville, Kentucky, patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse while she taps away at the laptop with a plethora of stories to keep you entertained.

Stalker Links for Ashley
Facebook (Author Page) – http://www.facebook.com/Ash.Torbeck
Facebook (Character Page: Damien Hartford) – https://www.facebook.com/DamienHeathHartford
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