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Resurrection of the Fallen: Surviving New York by: Misti Blake Cover Reveal

Author Misti Blake revealed her book cover for her upcoming novel: Resurrection of the Fallen: Surviving New York. The book itself will release on November 1st, 2014. You can find out more on where to find it by visiting her author page on Facebook. She will also be having a giveaway on the day of the novels release.

Book Blurb:

With survival of the fittest taken to the ultimate level after Germany and the USSR sleeper cells unleashed a nasty virus upon the planet, a group of five must find a way to survive a city that was once inhabited by thousands of people. Most of the world has become victims of this virus and turned, making survival for them so much harder. Can the ex-army ranger keep his two daughters safe, along with the two strangers that they had met on the day of the outbreak? Or will they all fall victim as well? Find out in this unique zombie novel where the cannibalistic undead are blind to light and salvation for our heroes lies on the other side of the infested city.

This novel contains gore, romantic relationships, and macabre instances. Not suggested for younger readers.

*Drum Roll*


Trick or Treat: Halloween Author Giveaway

Sins of the Past is releasing on Halloween this year and as a treat we decided we wanted to do a giveaway geared around the books release. I have another anthology project that I’m helping with releasing on Halloween and it is also going to be a part of our giveaway. As well as my best friends zombie novel, my novel, and a few other great novels from some other amazing authors.

At this point our contributors are:

Chasity Nicole
Debbie Manber Kupfer
Misti Blake
N.M. Scuri
Misha Burnett
Ashley Torbeck
Kevin Hall

I am recruiting other authors to be a part of this process and am so excited to see how our giveaway turns out. A weekend of giveaways will certainly be enteresting.

https://www.facebook.com/events/773984125994324/ –> the link to get you to the giveaway page to join in the tricks and treats.

Why I’ve Been MIA

I know I haven’t posted all too many blogs here lately but things in my life got super busy. I’ve had little time to write even, which I’m slowly making the time for now. This blog is just to let you know that I’m still here, and I’m still writing, I’ve just added a few extra things into my daily life that have made things a bit chaotic at best. Here’s what’s been going on.

On March 13, 2014, I got engaged to the greatest guy I could ever have asked for. He is my other half, and actually the male version of myself. Except he’s a gamer and I’m more of a reader.

A few weeks ago I started working on Author Misti Blake’s book cover for her upcoming novel. The book cover is still in progress as there are several things that need to be moved and re-edited on the cover. Awesome book covers don’t happen in a day, sadly.

My mom decided to start helping the Southern Breeze Band with some promotional stuff, and I joined in and started helping her with some really cool graphics. I love doing these sort of things. Graphics help when I’m having mega writer’s block, so it’s a win-win in my book. 

I’ve also decided to really start making book covers for other authors, and me and my mom are in the process of drafting up a website for promotional purposes. For photography, book covers, and band promotions, plus graphic art. This is still also a start process so it will take some time before I share the link to a website.

Lastly, Sins of the Past, is nearing a publishing stage as we are creating awesome banners for each of our stories and working on everything else that needs to happen before a publication. All the background stuff that most readers never see, but it is a vital process in making sure the book is known before it’s release and that we have everything ready to have an awesome book out there for the readers. And trust me, it is an awesome book, each story is amazing and each one is scarier than the next. 

I’ll post periodic updates on the band, promotion website, Misti’s book cover, and Sins of the Past, as things progress or a published version is ready. But this gives you a look into my life over the last few months 🙂