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Publishing Review for 2014

Wickedly Misunderstood: Valhaven Island Trilogy Book 1 by Chasity Nicole



Valhaven Island is a strange island located in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The island is completely ran by robots, and the only inhabitants are eight young adults, and the two adults that brought them here (Jun and Mr. Snake). Both are very shady individuals, but they are not the only shady people on the island. There’s me, Ember, the fiery hot-head (literally), Elecktra the eccentric bubbly one (and her own light source), Harleigh the promiscuous one, Thirteen the energetic child (or monkey we have yet to figure that out), and that’s only the girls. Of the boy’s, Blade is seriously mysterious and no one likes him, Sage thinks he’s all that, Dante the with-drawn emo kid (but he’s really, really reliable, he saved my life), and Kai the super-genius, or super annoying smarty-pants depending on how you take what comes out of his mouth. To sum everything up, someone has two-near death experiences, a few fall in-love, one is the Devil’s son (yep that’s right we live on an uncharted island with the Spawn of Satan), someone is kidnapped by the Devil and dragged to Hell. And to make the situation all the more awesome, three new teens arrive and one is a purple-dragon girl. Seriously she’s freaking purple, and can turn into a dragon, how flipping awesome is that!

Anything Goes: Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams



Fiction Writers Group proudly presents its newest and most exciting anthology series, “Anything Goes.” It is an unthemed, multi-genre compilation, featuring a wide array of new and experienced international talent. Between the covers of this book, you will visit new worlds and explore new ideas. You will learn to fear the night, the boarding school, dishonesty, and maybe even the autumn. You will visit childhood, motherhood, and the neighborhood. A few extra chuckles, gasps and tears were also included, just for you. It is the perfect blend of stories, designed to take you away from the stress and obligations of everyday life. Have a seat, open the front cover, and take a break.

Darkly Never After: The Lost Fairy

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Darkness. The absence of light, hope, and direction. It is a word that is as pervasive in our language as its consequence is on society. A shot in the dark. To be in the dark. The darkest hour is before dawn. Darkness is the foil for all we consider good in the world––the natural enemy of good, and the virtues of the human spirit. Peter Benenson once said that it was better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Darkly Never After, a diverse collection of dark fairy tales and fiction, chooses to light the world with its very mission statement. All proceeds from this international volume will benefit children in need. From classical reimaginings of old classics, to brand new tales of adventure and deceit, Darkly Never After has fairy tales for the sophisticated and worldly mind. Visit the fantastical worlds your childhood books introduced you to, with a touch of maturity for the older reader. Light a path in the darkness. Become the candle.

Sins of the Past: A Ghostly Haunting



Sins of the Past consists of seventeen historical horror stories. The stores are based off of real events that have happened in the past and have been tweaked to the authors imagination.

Haunted: Fact of Fiction: The Ghost Dog



Halloween is the time for thrills, chills, and everything spooky. In this book you will find stories of ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and unknown entities, some true and some not true. Will you be able to tell the difference between the two? You may think it is an easy task, but almost anything is possible on All Hallows’ Eve.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes was recently released on Amazon in paperback and the Kindle version just went live today. I have a short story in this wonderful anthology collection called “Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams.” The collection is full of amazing writers from all over the world, and all the stories are as unique as their writers. It was an amazing year long process and we are all so thrilled that it is finally released and available for the world to see. 


A CHANGE OF LUCK – by Angel Cox

Can luck outwit fate, or are they both intertwined so that they are really one? One or the other may just save your life.

HARVEST – by T.D. Harvey 

When summer turns to autumn, the harvest must begin. The horse and plough are not the only essentials, and the yield is more than expected.

DEFEND WITH HONOUR – by Anthony Hulse

 A leading barrister’s life has horrifying consequences when he purposely misrepresents his client.

COMPATIBLE – by Bryan Holland

A teenager wakes up in an unfamiliar place and discovers she’s been the victim of secret experiments.


Sending a problematic child to a boarding school may not be the best thing to do. You never know if the child is the monster, or if the head mistress of the school is a monster.Nor what may lay beneath the school, itself.

NIGHT – by Dae O’Keagan 

A dark Spring thunderstorm accompanies the arrival of shadow-creatures of the night. What will they bring?

BILLIE – by E.W.Morrison

Can Brian’s love save his older sister, Billie, from self-destruction.

THE LYCANTHROPE – by Fatima Stephens

A psychic finds herself locked up and out of place in an asylum for the criminally insane. When a new inmate arrives, diagnosed with lycanthropy, things take an unexpected turn.

MY NAME IS PEDRO – by Gail D. Villanueva

Pedro is a tikbalang,a half-man, half-horse known to have a penchant for lying and mischief. He moves to the city to start anew, and becomes friends with the unlikeliest beings. Soon, Pedro’s past begins to catch up with him, making him wonder if he could ever escape his tikbalang nature — a deceiving creature who spends lifetimes alone, friendless.


A country boy’s life becomes more complicated than he could imagine when his family moves to town.

 NEUROLOGY ICU – by Krishna Sarma

What could squeeze the heart of an old man suffering from neuro problems more than watching his granddaughter’s demise?

WATCHING AIMEE – by Laura Matheson

Warrior Mage Kat Maynard is used to dealing with fear demons and bog fiends, so when her boss asks her to take a simple babysitting job, she’s not overly impressed. But watching Aimee may well be Kat’s toughest job yet.

ONCE UPON A PROMISE – by Lynn Mohney It is not enchanting to be the assistant to a baker dwarf; however, there is plenty of time to dream about the soldiers who only search by moonlight.

THE PLACENTITY – by Lynn van Lier

Mayan is an attractive,fashionable athletic woman.  She has a burgeoning career and a plan for motherhood, but she never could have expected the Placentity. 

THE TOBITSU OF SAWA’KO (A FOLKLORE RETOLD) –  by M.M. Schill (Maggie May Schill Szesny)

Deep in the red muck of the Sawa’ko badlands, tragedy finds its way to the Tobitsu family’s humble little shack. A mysterious illness strikes at the Tobitsu matron, threatening to tear the entire family apart; unless they can  remember the subtle magics that bind them to each other. 

NATURAL STATE – by Wayne Hills (Miguel A. Rueda.)

On a cold winter’s morning, a lonely veterinary student encounters a deer in the road on his way to school. His attempt to save the beautiful creature has a profound effect on his future, and his sanity.

RATTPOCALYPSE – by Nadeem James From the ashes of the Apocalypse a new dominant species has arisen. Their quiet life may be doomed though, now that the ravenous undead look to devour them.

WHO AM I? – by Pamala A. Williams  What if you discovered your really weren’t who you thought you were?

DISSOLUTION – by Robert Breen

A young scientist discovers that her research is connected to the waves of death and destruction surging across the globe. Can she stop the chaos before the whole world unravels? Or will she unravel first?

TIME PERIOD – by Sanjaya Kumar Mishra

When a young girl confronts the announcement of her impending end by force unknown, she races back home in search of her destiny.  

PATH OF DESTRUCTION – by Tiffany Hager

Andie struggled in life, but she felt her luck was looking up when she landed a stable job. Then she met the boss from Hell, Sean. Can Andie survive his anger or strange requests?


You can hear some of the authors reading excerpts from their stories here Anything Goes Readings

Anything Goes Paperback

Anything Goes Kindle

Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams

Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams featured in Anything Goes. Anything Goes features many brilliant authors and will be coming soon. I don’t have a set release date but as soon as I know I will post an update here.

Anything Goes has now been published. Check it out https://www.createspace.com/4867763