Why I wear Purple

At the age of 4 months my brother had his first seizure episode, having nearly 30 seizures in only a few minutes. We rushed him to the hospital where they pricked him countless times with all sorts of needles trying to help stop the seizures, and my brother was really scared. I was freaked out and didn’t really know what to do, I believe I spent most of the time crying.

I spent my 16th birthday in ICU with my little brother, praying he was alright. He was diagnosed with complex fibral seizures, and his brain suffered from the trauma. For the next year my brother would scream when a doctor or nurse came near him, or anyone in green scrubs. Which wouldn’t you if you had just went through that?

A year later he had another big episode and regressed back to square one. So we had to reteach him how to walk and talk. So me and my mom sat in the floor teaching him how to walk, and trying not to ball our eyes out while doing so. Things were tough. I was in high school, and missed a lot of classes helping with my brother. He eventually began walking and talking and everything was fine.

Until he started kindergarten and his teachers basically called him stupid. One time his teacher called saying I don’t know if he is having a seizure or he doesn’t like me. My brother is now nine years old, and is a happy little kid, even though he went through all of that. He has his struggles, like most kids, but he’s awesome, and the funniest kid you will probably ever meet.

So the reason I wear purple is in support of epilepsy, as well as the support for my brother. He has come so far, and I love him so very much.


Running from Fear

Initially this was for an anthology project, but I decided to go with another idea. I may go back and continue this concept at a later date because it has been in the back of my mind to continue. Maybe I’ll be led to continue it one day.

Fear: to be afraid of (something or someone) ~Merriam Webster Dictionary
“Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear, it can make you do some pretty crazy things. Fear can get you into a lot of trouble too. Which is where I come in. I did something stupid, something out of fear, something that has cost me dearly. I caused a war, out of fear. I was trying to stop the war, by running away, by escaping. Instead, I caused it to start, because of my disappearance, and now I can’t go back.

Well there is no where to go back too, everything is destroyed. Everything, except my family and there search for me. But I cannot go back, and cannot let them know that I just ran away. They lost everything because of my stupidness, and my fear. That same fear that is driving me to run further and further away from them. Why did I have to run.

My name is Aspen, and I’m sixteen. I’ve been running for maybe a year now, and guards are on my trail. I don’t know if they are my father’s or the other’s kingdom’s but I know they are after me. Not really me, but what I took from the castle, I took the vial that had been protected for years. The vial that could be the end of the entire planet. This vial was what was causing the war, out of fear I took it and ran. Which I’ve realized was a very bad idea, a very very bad idea.

Agabe Book Anthology

Lately I’ve been working on so many projects that I’ve neglected quite a few things. One being my novel. But now that this process had been put on the back burner for a year, I can really focus on a few other things and polish this story, and get all the information that I would really like to have for this project.

It is a group project where several writers are coming together to write about something we’ve dealt with in the past, mine being my Von Willebrands Disease (bleeding disorder). I had never gotten sick until this point in my life, 2007. So one girl proposed the idea and I absolutely loved it because I had been wanting to do something like this for a bit now, so I started the project and here we are. Three amazing writers with stories already drafted up, one being myself.

My mother is even on board helping with banner creations, and I even got her to pick her writing back up with a poem I shared on the group about my sister. If all goes well our book will contain stories, poems, and random artworks by those in the group, and all proceeds will go to a charity organization that we chose in the end.

Only thing is finding all the links, and a perfect charity in the end. I am glad to be a part of such an awesome process though.

Winter Poem

Winter so beautiful
Winter so awfully cold
Snow blankets the ground
While children play all around

I hate the winter chill
But winter is quite the thrill
I’d rather have the summer heat
But winter simply can’t be beat

Snowballs flying through the air
Children with sleighs everywhere
Snow-angels lay on the ground
Oh winter is all around

It may be cold
I might can’t feel my toes
My fingers may be stiff and numb
But winter you will still always be fun

Family Poem

Family oh how I love thee
You are always there for me
Yes we fight and fuss
But I love you know matter what

We have our times of laughter
Our times to mourn
We always stick together
No matter the storm

Sometimes I am stubborn
And quite hard-headed
But you understand me
Even when I don’t understand myself

Some people can’t say that they have a tight family
Some can’t say their mother is their best friend
Others don’t have the bond we have
I wish that they did

I love my family

Best Friend Poem

Friends come and friends go
It is hard most of us know
But there is always that one friend
That will never part from you

Your best friend
Your true friend
The only one that understands

They’ve been through the good
They’ve seen the bad
They’ve seen the temper tantrums that you’ve had
They’ve been through all the melt-downs
They’ve seen you breakdown

You’re not afraid to be you with them
They’re not afraid to be them around you
You tell each other all your secrets
Nothing is ever hidden

You are more than just a friend
More than just a best friend
You are more like family to me

You’ve been there all along
Even when we didn’t get along
Our friends stood strong
Though we didn’t know it

No matter what reality throws at us
We’ll always figure a way out of it
Because that is what best friends doImage