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Best Friend Poem

Friends come and friends go
It is hard most of us know
But there is always that one friend
That will never part from you

Your best friend
Your true friend
The only one that understands

They’ve been through the good
They’ve seen the bad
They’ve seen the temper tantrums that you’ve had
They’ve been through all the melt-downs
They’ve seen you breakdown

You’re not afraid to be you with them
They’re not afraid to be them around you
You tell each other all your secrets
Nothing is ever hidden

You are more than just a friend
More than just a best friend
You are more like family to me

You’ve been there all along
Even when we didn’t get along
Our friends stood strong
Though we didn’t know it

No matter what reality throws at us
We’ll always figure a way out of it
Because that is what best friends doImage