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Helpful Writing Tips

Several months back I made a list of some helpful writing tips. One’s that I use when I’m actually writing. Though I will admit, sometimes it is hard to follow them and I do get side tracked from time to time.

1. You don’t always need quiet to write, some people write better with distractions. I have music playing or the sound of my boyfriend playing a video game in the background.
2. Facebook and other forms of social media are great, but when you writing they become a distraction- So cut them off.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. At first I wasn’t scared to ask the opinion of other writers because I was unsure of what would happen. Now I realize that when you are stuck the best thing to do is ask your writing friends for advice.
4. Carry a notebook with you wherever you go. This way if you get inspiration you can write it down.
5. Don’t worry about editing in the beginning, just write, edit later.
6. If you have to write a character bio out for your characters to get a better feel for them. I did this and found out two of my characters have a dark past that I had never planned on them actually having, but it worked out.
7. Never be afraid that your ideas are not good enough. You can’t please everyone, write it as you want, not what everyone wants.
8. Join writing groups, they help.
9. If you have the same dream over and over again, about something that no one has wrote about, then write about it. This is a sign!
10. Writing is a fun way for you to reduce stress and get those little voices in your head to stop screaming so loud. So let them be heard, write their stories for the world.

Running from Fear

Initially this was for an anthology project, but I decided to go with another idea. I may go back and continue this concept at a later date because it has been in the back of my mind to continue. Maybe I’ll be led to continue it one day.

Fear: to be afraid of (something or someone) ~Merriam Webster Dictionary
“Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear, it can make you do some pretty crazy things. Fear can get you into a lot of trouble too. Which is where I come in. I did something stupid, something out of fear, something that has cost me dearly. I caused a war, out of fear. I was trying to stop the war, by running away, by escaping. Instead, I caused it to start, because of my disappearance, and now I can’t go back.

Well there is no where to go back too, everything is destroyed. Everything, except my family and there search for me. But I cannot go back, and cannot let them know that I just ran away. They lost everything because of my stupidness, and my fear. That same fear that is driving me to run further and further away from them. Why did I have to run.

My name is Aspen, and I’m sixteen. I’ve been running for maybe a year now, and guards are on my trail. I don’t know if they are my father’s or the other’s kingdom’s but I know they are after me. Not really me, but what I took from the castle, I took the vial that had been protected for years. The vial that could be the end of the entire planet. This vial was what was causing the war, out of fear I took it and ran. Which I’ve realized was a very bad idea, a very very bad idea.