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Max Movie Review

Max is a movie about a marine dog that lost his handler in Iraq. People don’t always see this side of war, or take into account that animals suffer just like people. In fact animals could suffer more then people. An animal will bond so closely with you that they will never leave your side. Yes people do this as well. But for an animal all they know is their owner. When there owner dies suddenly they don’t understand and are very confused. This can cause an animal to grieve and have a change in personality because they don’t understand.

This is what happened with Max. He couldn’t understand why his handler, Kyle, passed away. He couldn’t understand why he was in a cage and why the marines were trying to re-train him with a new handler (though you don’t see this in the movie it can be inferred).

The only person Max will semi go near is Justin, Kyle’s younger brother. Justin wants nothing to do with Max. Several times it is sought to be because Justin missed his brother that he grew to resent the dog. So many times Justin wanted to give the dog up but when it came down to it he really loved the dog and really missed his brother.

Justin meets Carmen and she shows him how to train Max. This is really when Justin really starts to bond with Max. From here the rest of the story takes off and it becomes a heartwarming film that is also adventurous.

You don’t really see a sad movie develop into a heartwarming adventurous film, but this one did it and was successful. Several portions had the audience in tears, but then other parts had us laughing.

I rate this movie five stars, and believe everyone should go see this tale of what happens to animals when they lose their owners. It’ll really make you think.