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Beginning of The Outlandish Hero

A few days ago I posted about writing a story called The Outlandish Hero. This story is for a project that is for a charity initiative that is donating all funds to St. Jude Children’s Cancer ward. I said I was going to share a tidbit of the story with you, and since then I’ve forgotten to do so. So much going on and my brain is pretty much everywhere right now.

It is still in the beginning stages, and will stay at this stage until I finish editing my novel and another short story. That shouldn’t take me long as I plan to finish my novel editing by the end of this week. Let’s see how well that goes.

As I sit under a tiny tree, one that hasn’t quite reached its prime, I day dream about all the possibilities of life. I dream of becoming a knight and fighting for my kingdom, of walking out of the barricaded walls one day. But I know that neither of those things are physically possible. I can’t be a knight for I am a girl, and it isn’t civilized for any girl to become a knight—so my father says. As for leaving these barricaded walls it wasn’t safe, those who left never returned. I felt deep in my gut that I could make it through those walls, through the twisty maze of trees that had grown up around us, and out of this secluded place.

Countless days I sat just staring out the gates looking at the twisty trees that had surrounded us. We really don’t know where they came from. The king and queen of our little kingdom said that it’s a curse on our king and that whomever cast the curse won’t release us until our kingdom is in shambles. Lately, that’s been the case, we’ve had riots nearly every night, people have been jumping the gates to get free, and it’s all around chaos. Not something any of us need to really deal with or see, especially a fourteen year old girl that still believes there is good in this twisted world.

Agabe Book Anthology

Lately I’ve been working on so many projects that I’ve neglected quite a few things. One being my novel. But now that this process had been put on the back burner for a year, I can really focus on a few other things and polish this story, and get all the information that I would really like to have for this project.

It is a group project where several writers are coming together to write about something we’ve dealt with in the past, mine being my Von Willebrands Disease (bleeding disorder). I had never gotten sick until this point in my life, 2007. So one girl proposed the idea and I absolutely loved it because I had been wanting to do something like this for a bit now, so I started the project and here we are. Three amazing writers with stories already drafted up, one being myself.

My mother is even on board helping with banner creations, and I even got her to pick her writing back up with a poem I shared on the group about my sister. If all goes well our book will contain stories, poems, and random artworks by those in the group, and all proceeds will go to a charity organization that we chose in the end.

Only thing is finding all the links, and a perfect charity in the end. I am glad to be a part of such an awesome process though.