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I am 27 years old and have been writing since my Sophomore year of high school (2005-2006). Writing is my biggest passion, and I enjoy it more than anything. I am a full-time college student in Criminal Justice and will have my Bachelor's Degree within the next few months. I also have my first novel released on Feb. 11th of this year, Wickedly Misunderstood. It is a fantasy driven novel based on 12 super human kids trying to find their place in the world. I have numerous other things in the work for this year that will be published soon too. That is me in a nut shell pretty much.

Ink Dragon Publishing Sale

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Interview with Rhys B. Crabtree

Rhys B. Crabtree was born and raised on the Gulf Coast where he developed a love for reading, writing, and the Pagan practices found in the heart of New Orleans and the great swathes of country lands north of I-10. Fènwa World is the first novel in The Seven Worlds series (which is currently planned to have a total of seven books) and is his first published novel-length work.

More information and insider knowledge can be found at his WordPress website (including rough draft peeks at the first three books, random facts, pronunciation lists, and a working glossary). Mr Crabtree is also on Instagram and Facebook, both under his name and The Seven Worlds series’ title.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
    1. I’m a trans man (female to male), former Navy meteorologist, and a Pagan High Priest for my Tradition (known as the Greywalker Tradition which is where I got the race one of the main characters hails from). I’m the youngest of four for my adoptive father, youngest of five for my birth father, and am my mother’s only child. I’m a DoD trained victim advocate as well as trained by a local victim advocacy support organization. I’m also polyamorous and currently have a partner and datefriend. I also am diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (I’m known as a multitude which essentially means my “Alters” whom I refer to as “Others” and I share a symbiotic relationship, each of them are their own separate people with their own emotions and memories rather than facets of my own main personality. It’s also an exceptionally rare form of D.I.D.); this disorder is also where I came up with the setup of and their Others/the race of Otherborn. I’m known as a medical anomaly because I was supposed to be the mirror twin to my identical twin brother but instead consumed him in utero; as a result, I have smaller than average kidneys, my heart is located slightly left of my sternum, extra joints alongside several primary ones, and above average healing/recovery time to name a few. I also suffer from severe fibromyalgia, costochondritis, major depressive disorder, and complex PTSD and was officially diagnosed as a sexually sadistic sociopath (meaning I experience sexual pleasure from the pain/discomfort of others, more particularly my sexual partners but not always limited to them, and have no empathy whatsoever as well as limited emotional ranges and what emotions I do feel are skewed/different from a non-sociopathic individual).
  2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
    1. .. when I was I want to save 7yrs old? I wrote my first technically chapter story while my mum did Saturday detention at the high school where she taught at. It was a ghost/horror story set in the school itself but done in an alternate reality of sorts. When my mum read it she encouraged me to write more, said she loved it, that it was really good. I don’t know how truthful that was hahaha but hey, it worked. When I picked up the very first truly fantasy book in 2001 when I was 11 years old called The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass, I became determined to share the stories I had in my own head to build a World as expansive as what she had and put it to paper for others to read and enjoy.
  3. How long does it take you to write a book?
    1. I think the shortest time frame is roughly 7 months from prologue to final entry (I call them entries while still penning the rough draft, chapters once completed). Though I’m on track to likely beat that time frame with book four (which I’m currently working on). But it all depends on how my schedule ends up playing out given there’s a lot of upheaval in my personal life at the moment.
  4. Were there any challenges in getting your first book published?
    1. A bit. If only because I was torn between wanting to go the “traditional” route of submitting to a publishing house or self-publishing through places such as Amazon. In the end I went with Amazon because I’ve been working on this series for over a decade and a half and I’m impatient. After that… it became a matter of trying to figure out formatting for the book itself. I’m not 100% pleased with how it came out, but I plan to republish with a better cover and fixed formatting soon as I can.
  5. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
    1. Finding music that fits whatever emotional impact I’m aiming for in an entry/chapter or block of entries/chapters. As well as getting my muses to fixate on one singular idea at a time instead of all of them at the same time, hahaha. And well not having unrelated personal issues affect my mood when I sit down to write new content, especially if the mood I bring to my office doesn’t mesh with the mood I’m supposed to be in for whatever I’m working on.
  6. What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
    1. Insane? We’ll go with that. When I’m writing new entries/doing overhaul edits on a finished first draft, I can sit at my desk anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours straight, with obvious bathroom breaks and breaks taken to fill up my water bottle. I think the longest I sat focused on writing was like 10 to 12 hours with minimal breaks. That was during the first draft writing of Fènwa World (book one) towards the end because I was in a crunch to finish it before I went on vacation.
  7. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
    1. If I’m interrupted when writing the rough draft of an entry before a certain point where I have the majority of the base of what I want it to contain, I will lose the entirety of it and have to start from scratch. Problem is, I never know where that line is until I’ve passed it. So sometimes it can be 300 words in, sometimes 2k, sometimes 5k.
  8. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
    1. Spend time with my datefriend (when they can come down, they live out of town in Columbia, SC, about 1.5 hour drive from me) and my partner (when he isn’t working). I also enjoy going to the gym, harassing my three fur children (I have a Maine Coon named George and two black cats named Tarzan and Turk), and reading.
  9. What has influenced you the most as a writer?
    1. That’s a tough one. I wanna say probably my friend Devin Ladner (author of the book Anaya, which can be found on Amazon). When she was first writing Anaya she posted it on WordPress and it gave me the idea to do the same. Not only to keep me accountable and track my progress but also to get instant feedback from readers. And having that kept me writing, even when I had a period where personal life issues made me step away for some four months and nearly lose the draft, I had finally gotten started.
  10. Do you have any suggestions to help other’s become a better writer? If so, what are they?
    1. Honestly this answer would depend on what you’re struggling with writing-wise. Though the key piece of advice I always give authors is when it comes to writing, write like you’re verbally telling the story. And by all the gods, people watch. People watch and, in your head, try and describe how they’re moving, how they look when they talk, when a certain emotion crosses their face, their change in tone, body language, etc. But when you do, do so in a way that with your eyes closed you can picture exactly what you first saw. Then take that description and write it. Boom! Movie-like descriptions. This also works for dialogue, too, though that tends to be trickier.

      Also read. Read books both in your preferred writing genre and outside of it. Read fanfiction about your favorite books and TV shows and movies. Notate while you do what elements you like, what annoy you, what common mistakes are, what writing styles just speaks to you and which ones don’t. And then take those elements and apply them to your writing as it stands, then make adjustments as needed/accordingly.

  11. What do you think makes a good story?
    1. The relatability. Sometimes this is found in the realistic quality of the characters (even in the fantasy genre), sometimes it’s found in the situations characters are put in and how they get themselves through/out of those situations. Other times it’s found in the setting. But that’s only the half of it. The other half comes in the impact all of the story itself and the relatability it carries. A really good story sticks with a reader from the second they put it down for a break until they pick it back up again; it burrows deep into their mind so that even years, decades even, after they’ve finished reading it, they still think about it. They dream about it, they read fanfiction about it, write fanfiction about it. Look for fan art, make fan art. A really good story doesn’t just hold on to you while you’re reading it, it keeps holding you even once you’ve stopped.
  12. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
    1. Ironically enough, I wanted to be a writer.
  13. What is your writing Kryptonite?
    1. Being unable to find the right music I’m looking for when writing a new entry/doing edits. And being interrupted before I reach that crucial point where I can safely step away and not lose what I’m working on like I mentioned in #7.
  14. How do you conquer writer’s block?
    1. Depends on how bad it is. Either I’ll read over previous entries/chapters/books in the series I’m working on or just old content of mine in general that contains the mood/emotions I’m aiming for. Or I’ll just step away and read a book, watch a TV show or movie on Netflix, or go out with friends and let the ideas come back when they come. Because forcing them gets me nowhere and frustrated.
  15. What is your favorite genre to read, and why?
    1. That’s a tough one. I love horror above all others but fantasy horror comes in a very close second. Horror is my favorite genre to read because there is so much you can put into it. And I love seeing how other writers view the psychological and emotional responses characters/people have to certain horror-typed situations and how, or if, they differ from mine. I’m also an adrenaline junky and horror gives me that perfect fix without me having to deal with the phobia I have of heights and ride a rollercoaster or something.
  16. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
    1. An animal from my series called a snakat; a creature with the body of a snake, cat-like ears and head with a front set of paws. Largest known one in the Worlds per canon was 6ft long and weighed nearly 150lbs.
  17. What is your favorite childhood book?
    1. Hands down The Wayfarer Redemption series by Sara Douglass. I tend to not have a favorite book but rather a favorite series, hahaha.
  18. Tell us about your upcoming novels, or what you’re working on.
    1. Basically I’m working on the continuation of The Seven Worlds series following Rhyshladlyn Ka’ahne and others. The next book to be published would be book two titled Txitweb World with Imèn World and Anglë World (books three and four respectively) following after.
  19. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
    1. Remember that not everyone who reads your work will like it and that’s okay. Just like you don’t like every single thing you read; others are the same. Don’t let critics make you feel like you’re doing a disservice to your characters or the story overall. You are the writer and what you do to/with those characters and the Worlds in which they operate is up to you and no one else. Don’t give up.
  20. Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
    1. Not that I can think of right now. Oh! Wait. If y’all write or have written fanfiction of my work? Send a link to the official Facebook page and I will happily check it out. Same with fan art.


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Instagram both mine and the series’: @official_rhysbcrabtree_author and @official_thesevenworlds_series


Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Immortal Plunder Review



Blurb from Goodreads:

There are three types of people in the Exosian Realm—males, females, and pirates.

I’m a pirate. One with six overprotective fathers for a crew. And if I’m telling the honest truth, not just the pirate truth, having so many fathers is working pretty well for me so far.

When I’m caught eavesdropping on the pirates of Malice, they retaliate with violence, and my fathers become set on revenge. But simple payback cascades into shattering misfortune.

Unexplainable magical happenings and impossible creatures propel me toward a fate much darker than stealing plunder. A terrible beast drags forth horrible truths of my fathers’ pasts which call my entire life into question. Now, my sheltered upbringing is swelling into a furious storm that I must, for the first time in seventeen years, navigate without my crew.

An intense russet-haired landlubber seeks to help me. A savvy silver-eyed Malice pirate strives to hinder me. But the further I drift, the more I wonder—am I helping or hindering myself?

Can I stand on my own two feet to claim victory?

And if so. . .what will that victory cost?

Prepare to sail into a realm of gritty high-stakes adventure, swashbuckling characters, forgotten magic, and slow-burn romance. A story full of heart, with a large twist of humor, scroll up and one-click to discover this exciting new tale by USA Today Bestselling author, Kelly St Clare, today!

My Review:

Immortal Plunder is an absolutely fantastic read. It has everything one could want when it comes to a novel surrounding pirates. And it’s done in a manner that engulfs you so much that you feel as if you’re actually there with the crew. From the very first page you’re transported into the world created by Kelly St. Clare.

You feel Ebba-Viva’s frustration with other pirates as they belittle her six fathers. You feel her turmoil as things go awry and she must figure out what to do. You feel her stomach churn as she’s trapped in a carriage with a lady that just wants to change her into a ‘proper lady’. The writing is so beautifully done that you feel all the characters emotions with them and want to be by their side as they go on their journey throughout Immortal Plunder.

I highly recommend this novel and series to anyone that loves pirates. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Sins of the Fae Submission Call


Sins of Time Anthology: Volume 4
Theme: Sins of the Fae

Sins of the Fae. Stories should be based around the world of fae. Keep in mind that stories should not only contain the fae element but also an element of horror as well.

Word count between 1,000-5,000. All stories must be edited to the full extent of the writer’s abilities. Stories need to have indentations of .2 (if you use the tab feature for indentions that is fine, we can fix that quickly to reflect the appropriate indentation.) 1.5 spacing between lines. Typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font. All stories need to have the title and author name in the beginning as well. Also if you break between scenes please include either bullets, asterisks, even chapters so that we know where the breaks are, because all stories will be formatted in the end to reflect the same breakage format.

Stories are to be submitted by July 31st, 2019. We look to have Sins of the Fae released on October 31st, 2019. Please allow us up to three weeks after final submission date for acceptance/rejection letters.

Email subject line should be Sins of the Fae/Your Name/ Story Title
Emailed to:

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Previous Sins of Time Anthology Publications:

Sins of the Past

Sins of the Future

Sins of the Gods

Whispers in the Night: A Collection of Short Stories Cover Reveal

Whispers in the Night: A Collection of Short Stories

Release Date: March 21st, 2018


What happens when a fairy has lost their way? Or an evil head mistress runs a boarding school where children are disappearing? What about dreams that feel so real you wake up to find it wasn’t a dream after all? How about talking pants? Find out in these nine twisted and dark tales written by Chasity Nicole, previously published in other anthology collections.

Featuring Stories:

A Ghostly Haunting: Originally published in Sins of the Past

Graduation Day: Originally published in Sins of the Future

The Lost Fairy: Originally Published in Darkly Never After

The Hexed Pants

And many others…




Frogs & Fae: A Frog Prince Retelling (Tales of Fae) Book Review



My Review:

Five Stars

I quite enjoyed this retelling of The Frog Prince. Each chapter left you craving the next and made this story hard to put down. And you couldn’t help but love the characters. In the beginning I was worried about some of Lillian’s choices as I feared Dylan to be mischievous. But as I kept reading my opinion of him changed greatly. The only character my opinion didn’t change on was uncle- he’s ruthless and cruel.

This was a fun novel to read with a different spin on the world of fame and I highly recommend it.

Sins of the Gods Cover Reveal

October 31st 2014 we released our first Sins of Time collection titled Sins of the Past. A year later we released our second titled Sins of the Future. This year we’re releasing Sins of the Gods. Sixteen tales of Gods and the mayhem that follows them. Each author takes you on a journey with a different God as you dive into an unknown world of chaos.

When the paths of gods and men cross, then the skeins of fate twist. And none more twisted than the sixteen stories of mayhem, horror and the plain weird in these pages.

Sins of the Gods features:

Heart Eater Mirren Hogan

Black Dog Misha Burnett

Coils Valery Riddle

To See Her Ana Marija Meshkova

Gorgon’s Daughter Stephanie Barr

Dikē Ian Richardson

Raising Hel Chasity Nicole

Roleplay Don Miskel

Minos’ Sin Kerry E.B. Black

Once I was a God Fiona Skye

Diana Louise Sorensen

Midas Rae Lyn Bardon

Shades of Black Debbie Manber Kupfer

The Dream R C Larlham

House at the End of Eternity Jen Ponce

The Watcher Angela Nolan

Now that you know about our collection, it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for- the cover.



Sins of the Gods Story Banners

Sixteen tales of Gods and the mayhem that follows them. Each author takes you on a journey with a different God as you dive into an unknown world of chaos.

*Initially we were using the working title of Sins of Deities, but have since changed the title to Sins of the Gods.*

When the paths of gods and men cross, then the skeins of fate twist. And none more twisted than the sixteen stories of mayhem, horror and the plain weird in these pages.

Sins of the Gods is set to release on October 31, 2017 on Amazon.



Author Interview with R.L Andrew


  1. Where are you from? Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
  2. When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer? When I was a child.
  3. How long have you been writing? I’ve written short stories and poems since I was a kid but as only taken writing seriously for the last five years or so.
  4. What genre do you write? Science Fiction and horror. Occasionally others.
  5. What are you working on now? Editing the sequel to my first book ‘A Lunatic’s Guide to Interplanetary Relationships ( – ‘A Demigoddess’s Guide to Interplanetary Parenting’ before it goes to my Editor then Publisher in hopefully a couple of months and plotting/planning the third – ‘A Demigoddesses Guide to Inter dimensional InLaws’.
  6. What inspires you to write? Myself. I believe inspiration for me comes from planning, thinking, creating and hard work. I sit down everyday and write, always working towards a goal. I have to make sure I have what I’m going to write clear in my head before I do sit down. Then I put myself in the background of the scene and let it play out.
  7. Who is your biggest influence as a writer? It’s definitely been my Mentor/Editor and now Publisher Randall Andrews. He’s taught, encouraged, supported me and truly made the biggest difference to my writing life. He continues to do so.
  8. Do you have anything published? If so can you tell us a little about your latest publication? Aside from a number of short stories published in Anthologies internationally my first book ‘A Lunatic’s Guide to Interplanetary Relationships ( has been published by Ja-Col Publishing Inc.
  9. Where is your ideal writing spot? On my couch with a settee, my legs up and my macbook on my lap.
  10. Is there a routine you have to go through to get in the writing mood? I sit down, put myself in the scene and write. A lot of mental battle goes into that as I’m chronically ill. Everyday I wake up I do not want to get out of bed and have ever reason to feel that way. But I get nothing achieved with that state of mind. It doesn’t change my pain levels but it does change my mental health for the better – positively. Instead of wallowing while in pain, I’ve created – written books while in pain, something has come from it.
  11. As a writer, what is the biggest area you’ve struggled in? Commas. I totally suck at them, my editor will verify this lol. I work hard at figuring those out but I still seem to screw it up. I’ll get there eventually.
  12. Any advice for upcoming young writers? Be open to challenges, learning about the craft, and giving up any preconceived ideas you have about being a great writer right off the batt. Like most things it takes work, effort and learning. Don’t talk about doing it, don’t think about doing it, just do it.
  13. What has worked for you? Setting realistic goals for myself and working towards them. There’s always a million excuses for not finding time to write each day but you only need one reason to do it and you’ll achieve great things over time.
  14. Other than writing, what do you do? I love horror movies, gardening and cooking when I”m able to. Funnily enough I’ve created some of my most delicious meals while hunched over and shallow breathing. It’s amazing what you can do if you push yourself. Though i realise you probably shouldn’t always do that!
  15. Have you written anyone you know into your novels? If so, why were they important to that particular story? Oh heck yes. They might not be directly named but everyone I’ve ever known, met or encountered shows up somewhere in my books. Depending on what type of people they are is what type of characters they end up as.
  16. Do you have any upcoming events (release parties, giveaways, etc.) or book releases coming up? If so feel free to provide the links. My first book has been released as an ebook and should be released in paper back within the next couple of weeks. I am doing a few in person book launches where I live but it’s too far for you guys to come.
  17. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? The only person that stops you from doing something is you. And if you are dead set on achieving something nothing will stop you.

Some Fun Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite line from any movie? They’re here.
  2. If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? A disaster movie with plenty of action and dark comedy.
  3. Who would you want to play you? Claudia Karvan – she’s an Australian Actress I’d also love to play my main character in a show or movie.
  4. What is your favorite quote? This too shall pass – because it does. It’s inevitable.
  5. Name 5 favorite movies. John Wick, Selfless, The Conjuring, Evil Dead (original) and thirteen ghosts.
  6. Why? There are too many reasons but I can watch them over and over and not get sick of them.
  7. Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.Spring and early summer. I hate the cold. Mostly because I have a small build and it’s impossible to get warm enough. And you can’t spend much time outdoors when it’s cold and wet.

A Lunatic’s Guide to Interplanetary Relationships by R.L Andrews




Instead of finding a toaster in the pantry, possible lunatic Earthling Shayne James, is sucked into a wormhole and dumped across the galaxy at the feet of Annu – a man looking for his past. Desperate for answers Shayne and Annu discover they’re linked to the ancient Annunaki, and the only way for Shayne to return home is to succeed in an near impossible ascension ritual and defeat an evil God. Despite all the danger, what Shayne doesn’t realise is that by the time she can go home, will she still want to or is it all in her head?

Teaser Chapters

Chapter 1: Crazy Like a Falling Coconut

Ardrossan, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Earth


How did I, Shayne James, a Demi-Goddess and daughter of the Great God Ki, end up in a nut house? It’s God damned ridiculous. Literally. Ive got to get out of here. I cant do another night in this stupid place.


Shayne shook the gate; her fingers ached and rust embedded beneath her nails. “What kind of screwed up torture is this? Haven’t I suffered enough?”

She surveyed the yard for Geoffrey from Ward 3, her one true fan, believer and stalker. Where he went, hospital staff followed. Yard all clear, Shayne counted on her fingers. “How many weeks have I spent in this shit hole?”

2 or 3? Fuck. I don’t know.

The medication they’d thrust into her made time a slippery worm difficult to grasp. The morning’s pills jiggled next to her phone in Shayne’s pocket. She’d hide them with the others. The few missed days cleared her brain and the memories returned. The instant their effects wore off, Shayne realised the governmental nightmare with its hard beds, terrible food, and bad TV, interfered with her true destiny on another planet.

Shayne kicked the metal lock. Pain shot through her foot. “Shit. Crap.”

She hopped in a circle and cursed dodgy hips connected to short legs. The bastards prevented her climb up the Wistingera hedge beside the gate without assistance, and she couldn’t find anyone to hold her steady without grabbing her arse.

Cant get out the gate, cant break the fence, cant climb the hedge. I’ve tried all the doors. Which leaves what exactly?

Shayne breathed in crazy free air and ran through other options. “Oh fuck it. I can’t think of any. What to do, what to do?”

Her shoulders drooped; Shayne’s freedom remained as distant as Orion.

Even if I did escape, what then? How do I get home and back to Orion? Why can’t a wormhole just appear right here? Huh?

Frustrated with her lack of control, Shayne grabbed the top fence rail and shook. Each rattle represented wasted minutes spent there and the time taken from her future with Annu. The strive for freedom pulsed through her, it interrupted her thoughts and shoved her out of bed each morning. All to face a day filled with half baked escape concepts and pleas to release her Godly self.

Shayne moved her anger down a rung. “That nobody fucking listens to.”

Her arms ached; she relent her hold on the fence. Shayne shifted from the gate across to the hedge filling the fence and smushed into the middle of it. The faint scent of rosemary comforted her, a fresh wave of memories flooded Shayne’s mind.

Shayne wriggled her middle finger, not a scar or mark indicated its former separation.

I can’t believe I got a finger chopped off and it grew back, let alone all the other stuff.

Before being found on the pantry floor by her son and taken to the hospital, Annu held Shayne in his arms inside a stone room. Both Demi-Gods fresh from ascension, and filled with universal power. All they’d been through to get there seemed like a dream, and she’d fucked it up.

Shayne in the ultimate moment of stupidity mentioned Earth one too many times, and in a flash a wormhole ripped Shayne back to her home planet and away from love.

True fucking love and shit too.

Annu’s shocked expression tormented her. “Damn you medication for making me forget it even for one second.”

A branch stuck into her back, Shayne wriggled further onto the hospital’s back lawn, a large pile of dried bird poop on her right fared better than her. “We did everything right and in return we weren’t given time to soak in our success; the greatest moment of existence. Let alone kiss and enjoy things. No, not me. I got cosmically shafted. As usual.”

Shayne yanked out a wad of grass and tossed it to the side. “I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind, there’s something pleasant about that place, even your emotions had a gecko, and so much pace. Mmm. Does that make me crazyyyy? Does that make me–oh wait apparently it does.”

Neighbourhood dogs howled, a flock of magpies a few metres ahead shot into the air.

Bastards don’t appreciate a good voice. Oh what does it matter? My new life waits on the other side of the Galaxy, through the stupid wormhole–an hour and a half, several security guards, and several door alarms from here.

Shayne resigned herself to no Knight in shining armour arriving to rescue her from the current dilemma.

Rather, a retard in tin foil waited on this one planet, on the hospital lawn, deep in thought and determined. “It’s not the first time I’ve saved myself. It’s probably like the third. Surely I can do it again?”

I miss my chocolate hulk.

Shayne shook her head, Annu lingered in her mind. Her belly gurgled, doubt poked into her thoughts.

Is he still waiting for me? No, he probably gave up, and I cant blame him. He’s probably relishing in glory–alone.

Shayne tried to twirl her jade ring, its absence on her naked finger shot another wave of panic through Shayne. She’d grown accustomed to the odd piece of jewellery despite its catalytic nature.

Where did it go? I must have lost it when I burst through the wall. Its got to be under the pantry shelf.

Shayne massaged a lump in her shoulder and sighed. “Another thing that doesn’t matter because I’m not getting out right now, so fuck it and fuck them.”

She scanned again for any sign of staff; all clear. Eyes squinted; she pulled out a smoke and lit it. Shayne inhaled to her lung’s capacity, held the breath and fought coughing.

Hold it in, don’t waste it. Any second now it will be worth it. You’ve got to cough to get off don’t you?

The scratch in her lungs eased, a warm rush numbed her senses and removed life’s edges. While it didn’t remove the body pain, it made not caring about it easier.


Another toke and the sweet smoke filled her chest. The reason Shayne sat next to the gate drifted away with the breeze.

Three quarters of her mind mushed, the remaining quarter niggled at her.

Focus. Don’t waste more time. Don’t fall back into old habits. Oh yeah – escape plan, future leader, blah blah blah. Wait, focus on what? What else can I do? Ive got no powers, no ring, no wormhole. A big fat nothing. Protesting gets me nowhere and all my other attempts are well–unrealistic.

Shayne blew smoke rings into the sky. “Where are you when I need you Ghost Dad? Huh?”

He hasn’t answered to that name yet. Maybe I should call him Ki unless he tells me otherwise?

Eyes closed, mid puff–she attempted telepathy again.

‘Ah Ki, can you help me, please? Or am I too far away for you to hear?

A bird on the lawn squawked, no one else answered her. “Okay so that’s a no then. Fine. Whatever.”

Shayne pushed off the grass and levered up her legs to stand. She pulled the phone from her pocket and re-read Erin’s last text message.

‘I don’t know if I’m coming for a visit tomorrow. It’s hard for me to visit you in there, Mum.

The words buried Shayne in guilt and mocked her efforts at becoming a better parent, let alone have kids proud of her. “Hah. Another epic fail dickhead.”

Once they know the truth everything will change. I’ve got to make them believe me, show them somehow. Any ideas rolling around in my brain feel free to pop up.

Birds chirped, bees buzzed, and her mind remained empty.  

None–really? Oh why is everything so fucking hard? All this thinking is stressing me the fuck out.

Shayne raised the smoke to her lips and killed all negative thoughts. Mid drag, the joint flew in one direction, the lighter in another. Her mouth dropped, Shayne’s last piece of sanity disappeared. A flick on the arm drew her attention to reality and away from herbal oblivion.

Hand to her chest, Shayne faced the buzz-killer culprit.

Nurse Rye. Fuck, crap. Of all the people to catch me. Shit, shit, shit.

A thick plume of smoke exploded in the nurse’s face, she coughed in response.

Shayne swished the smoke away. “Oh fu–u–er, flip. Nurse Rye–what a surprise. Damn woman, are you a ninja in your off time?”

Her bowel clenched, the nurse’s presence scared the crap back up into her intestines. A number of excuses ran through Shayne’s mind, all with better things to do than come out her mouth.

Geoffrey’s head poked around Nurse Rye’s middle and pointed at Shayne. “Found you, your highness. See, you can’t escape me. Ha. I win.”

Since arriving at the hospital Shayne followed a Forrest Gump’s reasoning; if crazy is what crazy does, Geoffrey fell into the bat-shit category. “Geoffrey for the twentieth time it’s goddess not highness. And I know–I can’t escape a damned thing.”

A deep growl erupted against Shayne’s ear; she flinched. Geoffrey bolted from the nurse’s side and out of sight.

The nurse’s shadow blocked Shayne’s sun. “Right this is the last time I deal with you. All you do is spout nonsense, smoke drugs and try to escape. If that wasn’t bad enough, and worse still, you refuse to accept the help you desperately need. You make my job impossible. One way or another you will follow the rules.”

The nurse’s grip tightened; she glared at the lighter on the ground. Her crinkled face resembled a prune. “And, you have contraband. Where did you get it from?”

Quick, dick-head make something up.

“Off a visitor. I hid it in my sock.”

I reiterate, dick head.

Nurse prune grunted, a vein pulsed in her forehead. “You’re forbidden from the common room and confined to your bed aside from meal times. Now, I’m taking you straight to the doctor where I’ll give her a full report. Move it.”

Shayne shuffled at the nurse’s side, the nurse’s death grip prevented playing dead. Breasts considered unnatural wonders smushed against her cheeks, with the consistency of tennis balls in wet socks, they swung in hypnotic rhythm. Shayne stifled the urge to poke them to see if they acted like memory foam.

Headed toward the main building, the unlikely duo caught the immediate attention of both patients and medical staff. Crazy and sane eyes followed their path through the main doors and down the hall.

Great, an audience. Like I need another one of those.

Shayne mumbled into inflated flesh. “Couldn’t you have taken me around the side way and maybe made less of a scene?” Her arm throbbed under the nurses grasp. “Ouch, when I’ve got my powers back you bitch, you’re done for. This is totally unfair.”

Heat burned the top of Shayne’s head, the nurse’s voice bored through her soul. “Oh, yes, that’s right, your amazing magic powers. They haven’t done you much good so far have they? And I bet they didn’t remind you about your doctor’s appointment this morning either?”

The small buzz from the half joint went stone-cold dead. Bam, a wet fish smacked Shayne in the face. “No and no. Crap.”

Escape plan escalated to top priority, finding real chocolate can wait.




On a mission, Nurse Rye barged into the doctor’s office. Doctor Unders poked her head above a sea of paperwork. Eyebrows thick enough to hide in covered the middle of her face.

Geez I wish you’d pluck those. Maybe she’ll let me do it one day.

A pen fell from Doctor Unders mouth and landed with a plop on the table. “Nurse Rye, what the hell are you thinking? Remove your hands from this patient immediately.”

The ground rumbled, Shayne suspected steam might erupt out the nurse’s ears.

“If I let her go, she’ll run off again. I caught her out the back alone and smoking drugs–again. She somehow manages to evade the staff and sneak off. How I do not know. And there’s no doubt she’s probably plotting another futile escape as we speak. I have a great deal of work already to do, and not enough people to spend time chasing around after her. She should be medicated adequately so she can’t get out of bed and cause trouble.”

Shayne imagined kicking the nurse’s shin.

If it didn’t get me put in solitary I’d relocate your nose for you.

To her credit, the Doctor didn’t appear intimidated. “You’ll leave the patient’s diagnosis to me, thanks. Perhaps if you supervised your staff better, this wouldn’t happen. How about you go investigate how Mr. Berris is able to swap his lithium for viagra any time he likes and leave me to my job.”

Saggy old balls dangled for a moment in Shayne’s mind, a cold chill followed.

Nurse Rye released her grip on Shayne’s arm and slapped her own thigh. “Fine. I expect you’ll put her on report.”

Shayne remained wedged between the nurse and the door frame without care. Even if she could move, she’d stay put and witness this show down. “Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.”

“Stop telling me what to do. If you don’t leave my office now, you’ll have staples to remove from your forehead in thirty seconds.” The doctor grabbed the stapler. “Twenty.”

The tension in the room intensified, Nurse Angry prune transformed into the Furious Tomato.

Despite the nurse’s fury, Doctor Unders didn’t waver her glare. “Ten.”

With a huff, Nurse Rye wedged backwards out of the room.

Once she’d reached a safe distance away, Shayne pushed off the doorframe, past shelves filled with physiology text books, towards the one un-cracked plastic chair. She sat adjacent to a deconstructed torso, and hung pictures drawn by patients.

The childlike art broke up nausea inducing yellow, but nothing hid the aged furniture and pea green stained carpet. Shayne recited by memory the names of each text book on each shelf and artist on the wall.

Dr. Overs used her motherly voice. “Shayne, you forgot your appointment and got caught smoking, again. What are we going to do about this?”

Several of Geoffrey’s pieces took up the middle section. None of hers, she hated art. It ate into her TV watching time.

Maybe I could try being invisible. Eyes closed and focus.

“Shayne? Are you with me?”

Shit. She can still see me. Suck it up. “No, I’m not with you at all. I want to go home.”

Doctor Unders’ sigh ricocheted off the desk. “I get it, we all do. But the fact remains, you are still heavily influenced by your delusions. They haven’t altered in strength one iota since your arrival.”

“Well duh. Because it happened, it’s all true and I’m not nuts. Simple.”

“Do you understand we need actual evidence other than your say so about you being royalty and all? And there’s your physical issues which further complicate things. However, I’m sure we’re close to discovering why you have such high levels of DMT in your blood. That’s one thing at least.”

Why don’t people listen to me?

“For the hundredth time, I’m a goddess not royalty. Different kettle of fish.”

Get it right, you morons.

Shayne picked at a strand on her pants. “Huh? DM what?”

“Aha. DMT is a chemical found in people immediately prior to the moment of death. You have a consistent high level in your blood, which I believe may be linked to this delusional behaviour.”

Shayne tapped her head. It echoed. “You won’t find anything wrong with my brain. What about the –”

Doctor Unders cut Shayne off with a raised hand. “Before you say it, we can’t find any biological evidence of you being immortal or having magic powers, nor of your finger being chopped off and, ah, grown back.”

Stupid narrow-minded people surrounded her. “For the tenth time, you aren’t using the right equipment.”

“Shayne, it’s time you faced facts. This other planet–Orion–with all these people and fantastical events are a creation of your mind. None of it happened. It’s illogical. Do yourself a favour and let it go. Concede you need help. In time, if you respond to treatment, you will be able to go home.”


The strand came loose, Shayne selected another. “No, I won’t change my mind. I can’t, every part of it is real. The good, the bad, the ugly. Somehow, someway, I’ll prove it to you.”

A curl broke free from back of the doctor’s head, it sprung into her face. “Are you still taking your medication?”


Im still taking vitamins.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. “If you don’t take the meds, they don’t work. Shayne, I’ve always had a lot of time for you. Yet, it’s a struggle to balance this duality within you. I know there is a healthy person in there. They’re just buried under a mountain of tragic events and bad judgment. When you’re not talking about Orion, and the kitchen hasn’t run out of anything chocolate flavoured, you appear mentally sound. With all this in mind, at this point in time in good medical consciousness, I can’t release you.”

Shayne’s stomach climbed her abdomen, up her throat, and dropped onto the floor. She refused to cry, instead stabbing a pencil at the desk.

Cant someone cut me some slack?

“First of all, the chocolate flavoured shit’s the only thing substituting for lack of actual chocolate because you consider the wrappers a choking hazard. Second, for fuck’s sake. I AM NOT nuts. Yes, long ago I spent some time in a psych ward for a few weeks. This is different.”

Doctor Unders’ tone softened. “I didn’t say nuts but you had nightmares, migraines, and hallucinations then too. Except for a much more elaborate delusion, how is this time unlike the other? This man Annu you’ve created, coincidentally, turned into the love of your life and a perfect match. And, his mother, Irica, is the mother you’ve longed for.”

Shayne shoved Irica out of her mind, and shuddered. “Don’t talk about Irica again.”

“Alright, I’m sorry. I forgot.”

She’d not let defeat claim her; Shayne grabbed inner strength. “Look it’s not the same at all okay. Well, actually it’s kind of a bit the same, but not. Back then, I saw and heard some strange things which didn’t make sense. Myself, boosted by a few others, thought I’d lost it. Until I travelled to Orion recently, I realised those so called hallucinations were visions of my future, and I wasn’t crazy at all. I did get pulled into a wormhole in my pantry and onto Orion. Me and Annu defeated an ancient God, Sham-man, I mean Shamesh, and a few others along the way. It wasn’t easy. Plus I got kidnapped, froze people, got hurt and all sorts of shit–yet ended up back home, where again, no one believes me. And trust me, if I made up a dream world, do you really think there would be so much death and destruction in it? I’d design it so I walked in, got my powers, and life turned into butterflies and fucking rainbows. Not ended with me here powerless in a mental hospital with a chronic illness.”

Shayne stuck her finger in the hole she’d created in her pants. “Which is caused from me being from Orion not Earth. My DNA isn’t meant for here.”

Doctor Unders glasses dropped on the desk beside the pen. “I thought you accepted you’re sick from the autoimmune disease Psoriatic Arthritis. Shayne, your fantastical evidence can’t be validated. Like the magical ring, which you don’t have, wormholes no one else sees, and life on another planet. Which you claim to be a Demi-God of, and none of it can be proven. And yet it won’t sink in that head of yours. Shayne, what about the effect this has on your kids? If it were true, wouldn’t they believe you? Wouldn’t someone have seen something?”

Bam, smacked on the other side of the face with another wet fish. “Leave Erin and Ryan out of it. They don’t understand yet, but they will. As soon as I get out of here. I just need to get back home.”

“Well I’ve got to tell you, it’s going to be a while and you aren’t getting out of this session. I’ve got 20 minutes left Shayne. Can we talk about your ex husband?”

Where were all these fish coming from?

“No. At least that son of a bitch is dead.”

The doctor probed her face. “Each of these wrinkles is your fault.” Another curl on the opposite side broke free; together the curls formed white horns around the doctor’s face. “Fine. Let’s start from when you moved into the other house.”

Do I spend twenty minutes fighting the session, or play nice and use to the time to figure a way out of this crap hole?


Shayne spotted the Doc’s handbag next to the desk, no easily accessible keys stuck out the top.

Damn, I better think of another idea.