Sins of the Gods Cover Reveal

October 31st 2014 we released our first Sins of Time collection titled Sins of the Past. A year later we released our second titled Sins of the Future. This year we’re releasing Sins of the Gods. Sixteen tales of Gods and the mayhem that follows them. Each author takes you on a journey with a different God as you dive into an unknown world of chaos.

When the paths of gods and men cross, then the skeins of fate twist. And none more twisted than the sixteen stories of mayhem, horror and the plain weird in these pages.

Sins of the Gods features:

Heart Eater Mirren Hogan

Black Dog Misha Burnett

Coils Valery Riddle

To See Her Ana Marija Meshkova

Gorgon’s Daughter Stephanie Barr

Dikē Ian Richardson

Raising Hel Chasity Nicole

Roleplay Don Miskel

Minos’ Sin Kerry E.B. Black

Once I was a God Fiona Skye

Diana Louise Sorensen

Midas Rae Lyn Bardon

Shades of Black Debbie Manber Kupfer

The Dream R C Larlham

House at the End of Eternity Jen Ponce

The Watcher Angela Nolan

Now that you know about our collection, it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for- the cover.



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