Scribe’s Guild

I’ve been battling writer’s block like crazy lately and I’ve realized something that helps me greatly. I used to be really big into roleplaying online in forums back when I was in high school and that tapered off as I got older. Recently I reintroduced myself to it through some Facebook groups and found that it helps combat the dreaded writer’s block demons and I decided to make a forum where writers and other individuals could come together to roleplay and discuss writing, art, anime, and other things together in one space.

I choose to do this away from Facebook and in the form of a forum because it’s easier to manage a roleplay in the forum format and allows for more of a variety and more individuals to participate and fully see what’s going on. It’s easier on everyone. Plus, I really missed the whole forum layout and just really wanted to do it again, so I bit the bullet and made one.

So feel free to join in the fun. We have three roleplays up currently, but more can be added in the general roleplay section.

Scribe’s Guild

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