Twisted Review




Who could’ve known one pair of shoes could cause so much trouble.

Dee’s lost the sparkly red heels, and when she befriends a witch to help her find a way home, she finds herself down the rabbit hole. With the veil between Wonderland and Oz torn wide open, things go awry.

The flying monkeys are loose in the Kingdom, Hatter is lost on the sun-colored brick road, and betwixt a battle of the worlds, the Red Queen seeks power, but all Dee wants is to go home.

My Review:
Five Stars

I’ll be honest, I bought this book based on how killer the cover is. I’m not one to judge a book based on it’s cover, but this cover really captivated me that I bought it on the spot before even reading the blurb, so I went in reading it rather blind. And I’m glad that I did because I didn’t expect any of the story at all.

In the beginning we meet Dee, or Dorothy as she’s walking through Oz trying to find someone to help her get home. She meets some allies along the way that help her, even though they don’t help her get home to Kansas. We meet Samuel, Jasper, and Aeries, which are all amazing characters that you really can’t help but love. Especially when you find out the star-crossed lovers plot behind two of the characters, more so the full story at the end- which I didn’t see coming at all.

And the name Twisted fits this novel perfectly, because it is Twisted. You don’t see any of the twists and turns that happen, which in most novels you eventually begin to piece it together. That didn’t happen with this novel. I could never formulate what I thought was going to happen next because there was nothing that I could think it could lead up to, especially since it was so different from the original Wizard of Oz.

I definitely look forward to reading more from Elizabeth Montgomery and hope to see more of Dee in Oz. Or even more twisted tellings of other stories, because she has such an imagination that she could come up with some brilliant twists that no one has done before. Because she did it here. I have high expectations for this amazing author.

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