Norse Mythology: A Concise Guide to Gods, Heroes, Sagas and Beliefs of Norse Mythology




An introduction to such a vast subject as Norse Mythology can be problematic as it could well fall between two stools; so packed with details as to put one off, or so vague, that one is none the wiser for having read it. This text manages a pleasing balance, succeeds in whetting the appetite and supplying excellent online resources for the reader who wishes to find out more.

Inside you will read about…

✓ The Creation in Norse Mythology
✓ The Nine Worlds
✓ Major Gods and Goddesses
✓ Valhalla
✓ Ragnarok
✓ The Sagas
✓ The Influence of Norse Mythology on Our Lives Today

The author quotes generously from the most important relevant source which is freely available via the Project Gutenberg, and you are left with the sounds and taste of the times… ringing in your ears and tingling on your tongue.

My Review:
Five Stars

Norse mythology has always intrigued me and I was excited when I happened upon this book. I’m not normally one to read books pertaining to history or mythology but wanted to read this because it’s always been interesting to me.

This novel offers quite a lot of information about Norse Gods and the different realms that they dwell in. All of this information is conveyed in a manner that is easy for the reader to understand too. However, some of the words were difficult to pronounce if you don’t know much on Norse mythology.

If you’re interested in learning about Norse mythology then this is definitely worth reading.

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