Dragon Born Review




Dragons have returned to the lowlands of the Dar Desert, and plague spreads in their wake.

Most people have died in the fever of the dragon plague, those that don’t come out changed. Forever to be of two spirits, one human and one dragon. They are the wyverns, an impure breed of human shifter who can take on the scales and powers of a dragon.

When Wylan Atwater was born, people thought her dragon eyes marked her as a monster. The fact that dragons returned the very eve of her birth, marked her as an outcast. Adopted by loving farmers, she dreams of adventure beyond her home and the natural springs she farms. She longs to travel to the imperial city of Darubai to become a soldier in the dragon guard and protect the lands from dragon fire. But when her adventure comes, it comes with a price she’d never have gambled.

My Review:
Five Stars

Dragon Born by Travis Simmons was absolutely amazing, and I was quite sad when I realized the next one hasn’t been released yet. I enjoyed that much that I wanted to continue on to the next, only to realize a next didn’t exist. I found myself on the edge of my seat as I turned every page yearning for more of the story. The world created by Simmons here is amazing and so vivid that it’s hard not to get lost in what he portrays.

One minute your a young girl running for your life as dragons pillage your town. The next you watch as your friend goes up in smoke, literally. Then you transform into a dragon- which is beyond awesome. I’d never thought the way he has them transform from people to dragons as a possibility, and I definitely didn’t see the twist coming until the friend went up in smoke and it all started to make sense. And for the young girl it all happened so fast because for her dragons didn’t exist one minute, the next they destroyed her town, then she turns into one.

I have a lot of unanswered questions at this point, so I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next installment of this series. Because I want to know if they find the rainbow-haired girl, and what happens to the baby that is born at the beginning of the novel?

I highly recommend this novel and this author because he has quite a way with words and paints a vivid picture that pulls you quickly into the story.

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