Exile Book Review




Exile is the second story in the Justice Strike series. Travel with Leon Cross, an ex-FBI agent that loses his family in a shipwreck, landing him on an island that is controlled by a group of assassins. As Leon comes to learn these ways he soon discovers there may be more to the Order than he thought and learns dark truths. This will lead to a meeting with Tigerman and his family’s killer.

My Review:

Five Stars

Exile by Joseph Schweichler is quite an amazing read. I read Tigerman and absolutely loved it, but Exile left you wanting more of The Justice Strike series. It left you craving for book three, and waiting for book three is torment.

Leon Cross goes through Hell in Exile. He’s shipwrecked on an island filled of assassins. He joins them and doesn’t realize what they truly are. Leon does their bidding until he puts two and two together and realizes that the assassins he joined are nothing more than a cult trying to do something that could jeopardize all of humanity.

You follow, Leon through his exile to see if he puts the pieces together while you try and figure it out yourself. Tigerman even makes an appearance and helps Leon in more ways than one. And let me tell you I quite adore Tigerman and can’t wait to see more of him in this series.

Exile tugs at your heart with the tragedy Leon experiences. And it leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions about Leon and some of the characters he comes into contact with in the book. Your mind wonders so much about relationships from the past and you ask a lot of questions about the situations Leon faces. I hope my questions will be answered in the next installment and I can’t wait for Joseph Schweichler to release the next one.

Exile flows great and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never know what’s coming next and that’s the great thing. The chapters are written short and written in an engaging manner to keep you wanting more. And the cover is spectacular.

I’ll await on pins and needles for the next one, and expect great things from Joseph Schweichler. His Justice Strike series has the potential to be the next big thing in hero’s that our generation has the pleasure of seeing unfold.


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