The Water Balloon Gang Book Review




A liquor store robbery (even if it was accidental) wasn’t mentioned on the list of potential activities when a twelve-year-old John Redstand joined The Water Balloon Gang that hot summer’s morning.

One of the funniest short stories you will ever read! Teetering right on the dividing line between: “Yeah, I can just picture those kids getting into that,” and, “No way in heck did that really happened.”

Take a first person journey in this fictionalized chronicle about a hilarious adventure that takes place during a single, calamitous day in the life of our young protagonist.

My Review:

Five Stars

The Water Balloon Gang is a funny tale of kids making mischief. We’ve all been there a time or two where the older kids want to do something that isn’t right and know that we can get into a lot of trouble if our parents found out what we did. In this stories case the younger kids go along with the older kids on a trip that turns out both funny and slightly illegal.

I can’t say I’ve ever been in the main characters place, but have followed some older kids into doing some pretty weird things; like jumping off of the roof of a house once. So, I can completely sympathize with him on wanting to run with the big kids and hang out with them. I used to be that same twelve year old kid, just wanting to be accepted by the teenagers in my neighborhood.

Even more so I can relate to the water balloon scene. Though, in my youth it wasn’t water balloons it was water guns, and we weren’t doing what they did in the book. Instead, we chased each other through the woods trying to shoot each other, not that that pertains to this book at all because they aren’t throwing the balloons at each other. Instead, they are being really mischievous with the balloons and the situation that proceeds afterwards is quite hilarious.

In the end this short story made me reminisce on childhood memories and the things I was fond of in my youth. The Water Balloon Gang made me realize I wasn’t the only kid that ran with those older than me and sometimes found myself in situations I either didn’t want to be in or ones that turned out to really shape my life and who I am.

It’s a heartfelt story of a twelve year old just having fun, he wants to be around the older kids, but in the end he just wants to be twelve and do things that a twelve year old does. And in the end he went home and did the same thing I would do every day after hanging out with my friends, go home and watch cartoons.

I highly recommend this wonderful short story by John Redstand and look forward to reading more of his heartwarming tales.


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