The First Author Chasity Nicole Newsletter

The first newsletter went out today, and just in case you missed it, I’m going to post what it contained here.

What’s New?

Currently, Author Chasity Nicole is waiting on her beta readers to get back with her with their edits for Wicked Rescue Mission. Wicked Rescue Mission is set to release just in time for Christmas this year. And this newsletter will contain pertinent information about on sale dates for Wickedly Misunderstood and Wicked Rescue Mission as the holiday season approaches.

Also, Author Chasity Nicole is working with several other authors to release Sins of the Future, which is set to release Halloween this year. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more information about that release.

Next year Author Chasity Nicole will have a short story released in Forever Red, Pantholgy, and in Carolina Horror Stories which she is running with fellow Author Misti Blake.

Stay tuned for novel updates, on-sale dates, cover reveals, and even excerpts from Wicked Rescue Mission.


What is Wickedly Misunderstood?

Wickedly Misunderstood was released February 11th, 2014. Wickedly Misunderstood is the first book of The Valhaven Island Trilogy.

Valhaven Island is a strange island located in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The island is completely ran by robots, and the only inhabitants are eight young adults, and the two adults that brought them here (Jun and Mr. Snake). Both are very shady individuals, but they are not the only shady people on the island. There’s me, Ember, the fiery hot-head (literally), Elecktra the eccentric bubbly one (and her own light source), Harleigh the promiscuous one, Thirteen the energetic child (or monkey we have yet to figure that out), and that’s only the girls. Of the boy’s, Blade is seriously mysterious and no one likes him, Sage thinks he’s all that, Dante the with-drawn emo kid (but he’s really, really reliable, he saved my life), and Kai the super-genius, or super annoying smarty-pants depending on how you take what comes out of his mouth. To sum everything up, someone has two-near death experiences, a few fall in-love, one is the Devil’s son (yep that’s right we live on an uncharted island with the Spawn of Satan), someone is kidnapped by the Devil and dragged to Hell. And to make the situation all the more awesome, three new teens arrive and one is a purple-dragon girl. Seriously she’s freaking purple, and can turn into a dragon, how flipping awesome is that!

Sins Of The Past

And for a limited amount of time you can get a copy of Sins of the Past for free in honor of Sins of the Future’s upcoming release. There are limited copies available, so head over to to get your copy. First come first serve though.


Who is Author Chasity Nicole?

Writing became a big part of my life in 2005 when a friend (Author Misti Dawn) and I began writing stories with one another. I was still in high school at the time and we would write just for the fun and pure joy we experienced through writing. My writing took a bit of a hiatus when I finished high school and started college to earn my degree in Criminal Justice. That didn’t last very long, because a few months after starting college I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome in 2009. Months later I found out the only thing that helped keep my ticks at bay was writing, and I picked the art back up. Wickedly Misunderstood was the first novel I began writing after my diagnosis and it all started with a dream. My advice to everyone is to find something that you love doing and do it. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it, because if you love it enough you’ll succeed. Do what you love, and love what you do. You never know what your dreams can lead you to accomplish.

Sins of the Future Book Cover Reveal

Last October we released an anthology called Sins of the Past. This year we decided to release an anthology called Sins of the Future. Every story is set years into the future where anything is possible, from self-driving cars to aliens taking over the world. Each story is unique in its own light because each author took their own views of the future and twisted it to become the stories that are featured in Sins of the Future that is set to release October 31, 2015.

Sins of the Future features:

They by Jackie Pitchford

In the Driving Lane by Misha Burnett

Highly Strung by Stephen Blake

Add Green Sauce by Matt Lovell

The Verge by R.L. Andrew

The Man with Bio degradable Skin by Angela Garratt

The Nyghtmare Machine by Don Miskel

Kitty by Boyd Miles

Mercury’s Kiss by Jen Ponce

Graduation Day by Chasity Nicole

Malfeasance by Kerry E.B. Black

Return to Sigma Seven by C. Lloyd Brill

Doris by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Looking through Different Eyes by Steven Soul

The Day Everything Went Still by Leticia Toraci

Now that you know all the stories and authors featured in this amazing, futuristic anthology and you know when it’s to be released, it’s time for the big cover reveal.


Our cover was created by the wonderful Cleve Sylcox who was an author in Sins of the Past.

Sins of the Past is available on Amazon

Exile Book Review




Exile is the second story in the Justice Strike series. Travel with Leon Cross, an ex-FBI agent that loses his family in a shipwreck, landing him on an island that is controlled by a group of assassins. As Leon comes to learn these ways he soon discovers there may be more to the Order than he thought and learns dark truths. This will lead to a meeting with Tigerman and his family’s killer.

My Review:

Five Stars

Exile by Joseph Schweichler is quite an amazing read. I read Tigerman and absolutely loved it, but Exile left you wanting more of The Justice Strike series. It left you craving for book three, and waiting for book three is torment.

Leon Cross goes through Hell in Exile. He’s shipwrecked on an island filled of assassins. He joins them and doesn’t realize what they truly are. Leon does their bidding until he puts two and two together and realizes that the assassins he joined are nothing more than a cult trying to do something that could jeopardize all of humanity.

You follow, Leon through his exile to see if he puts the pieces together while you try and figure it out yourself. Tigerman even makes an appearance and helps Leon in more ways than one. And let me tell you I quite adore Tigerman and can’t wait to see more of him in this series.

Exile tugs at your heart with the tragedy Leon experiences. And it leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions about Leon and some of the characters he comes into contact with in the book. Your mind wonders so much about relationships from the past and you ask a lot of questions about the situations Leon faces. I hope my questions will be answered in the next installment and I can’t wait for Joseph Schweichler to release the next one.

Exile flows great and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never know what’s coming next and that’s the great thing. The chapters are written short and written in an engaging manner to keep you wanting more. And the cover is spectacular.

I’ll await on pins and needles for the next one, and expect great things from Joseph Schweichler. His Justice Strike series has the potential to be the next big thing in hero’s that our generation has the pleasure of seeing unfold.

The Water Balloon Gang Book Review




A liquor store robbery (even if it was accidental) wasn’t mentioned on the list of potential activities when a twelve-year-old John Redstand joined The Water Balloon Gang that hot summer’s morning.

One of the funniest short stories you will ever read! Teetering right on the dividing line between: “Yeah, I can just picture those kids getting into that,” and, “No way in heck did that really happened.”

Take a first person journey in this fictionalized chronicle about a hilarious adventure that takes place during a single, calamitous day in the life of our young protagonist.

My Review:

Five Stars

The Water Balloon Gang is a funny tale of kids making mischief. We’ve all been there a time or two where the older kids want to do something that isn’t right and know that we can get into a lot of trouble if our parents found out what we did. In this stories case the younger kids go along with the older kids on a trip that turns out both funny and slightly illegal.

I can’t say I’ve ever been in the main characters place, but have followed some older kids into doing some pretty weird things; like jumping off of the roof of a house once. So, I can completely sympathize with him on wanting to run with the big kids and hang out with them. I used to be that same twelve year old kid, just wanting to be accepted by the teenagers in my neighborhood.

Even more so I can relate to the water balloon scene. Though, in my youth it wasn’t water balloons it was water guns, and we weren’t doing what they did in the book. Instead, we chased each other through the woods trying to shoot each other, not that that pertains to this book at all because they aren’t throwing the balloons at each other. Instead, they are being really mischievous with the balloons and the situation that proceeds afterwards is quite hilarious.

In the end this short story made me reminisce on childhood memories and the things I was fond of in my youth. The Water Balloon Gang made me realize I wasn’t the only kid that ran with those older than me and sometimes found myself in situations I either didn’t want to be in or ones that turned out to really shape my life and who I am.

It’s a heartfelt story of a twelve year old just having fun, he wants to be around the older kids, but in the end he just wants to be twelve and do things that a twelve year old does. And in the end he went home and did the same thing I would do every day after hanging out with my friends, go home and watch cartoons.

I highly recommend this wonderful short story by John Redstand and look forward to reading more of his heartwarming tales.

Pick Your Poison: A Faery Tale Anthology Book Review

“Enter our world of faery tale therapy.
The Doctor will see you now.”

Everyone thinks they know the real story behind the characters in fairy tales— But did you ever wonder what happened when the story ended and you closed the book? Come along and in this new anthology, you’ll find your favorite and some new favorite faery-tale characters on the psychiatrists couch as they work through their trauma.

Curl up and read about : Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wolf from Red Riding Hood, Baba Yaga, Goldilocks, Snow White, The Gingerbread Man, Rapunzel, The Kings’ Man from Humpty Dumpty, The Dish & Spoon, Cinderella’s evil stepmother, Dorothy from Oz, including the Wicked Witch from Oz, All the Jacks (be nimble, beanstalk, hanging with Jill), Sandman, Old Mother Hubbard, Alice from Wonderland, The Princess and the Pea, and the tale told from the Pea’s perspective, the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, and what about all those beastly bridegrooms that get dumped at the altar ?

My Review:
Five Stars
We all know most of these stories by heart, but we don’t really shoot and think of the aftermath that fairy tale folk go through. We don’t think of their feelings or what their lives consisted of either before or after their tales. We all move on to the next story, while the fairy tale folk put the pieces together and try to move on and live normal lives.

But in this collection of wonderful stories the characters don’t pick up their lives, they don’t live happily ever after. Instead they suffer for our amusement only to be forgotten when we reach the end of the tale.

Of this collection my favorites were the ones that pertained to Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. All of the stories were fantastic and written in a way that made you feel as if these characters err real and that they really did suffer after their stories were you’d. It’s almost as if some alternate universe opened to reveal the true aftermath of fairytales, which is brilliant.

I think it would be phenomenal if another one of these were done with other fairytale folk, because there are so many ways to take the tragedies that fairytale folk face and turn that into amazing stories about what happens next in their lives. After all, it makes you feel as if these stories were real and what is better than that.

Sins of the Future Story Reveal

Sins of the Future contains fifteen terrifying futuristic tales written by fifteen brilliant authors. Each tale is different than the next and they all come together beautifully to make up one amazing anthology. The stories vary in the futuristic realm, some happen here on Earth, other’s happen up in outer space. Some stories contain robots, other stories contain animals that walk and talk like we do.

Take a look at the banners created for each story to get an idea of just what our anthology is going to entail. We hope you are left on the edge of your seat in anticipation for our release October 31, 2015.


Mercury’s Kiss by Jen Ponce

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Looking Through Different Eyes by Steven Soul

“Edd is willing to do anything to save his planet.”


…Add Green Sauce by Matt Lovell

“Todd likes green sauce – maybe a bit too much …”


Kitty by Boyd Miles

‘Science without ethics creates a new underclass. Forced into slums they create a society both dependent upon and victimized by mankind. What makes you an animal, what makes you human?’


Return to Sigma 7 by C. Lloyd Brill


Doris by Debbie Manber Kupfer

‘Good help is so hard to find, but today with the Vacuu-Droid 3000 series all your household worries are over – or have they only just begun?’


The Nyghtmare Machine by Don Miskel

The future ain’t what it used to be and technology can sometimes open the WRONG types of doors. A crime scene cleanup specialist discovers that his worst dreams come true in The Nyghtmare Machine.


They by Jackie Pitchford

In the near future They arrive and our world is changed forever, this is one persons journey through that change.


Malfeasance by Kerry E.B. Black

‘In a future age, information is uploaded directly into computing systems within people. This efficient access eliminates the need for books. When Winnie finds a mysterious tome, she’s fascinated. She smuggles it to show her friend, Joan, but Joan recoils. Winnie embraces archaic knowledge and discovers some information is better left unshared.’


The Day Everything Went Still by Leticia Toraci

‘Helena wakes up in a still world. She seems to have survived fatal drug-resistant pneumonia, even if she was dying the night before. She was then used to the idea of dying in a world taken to chaos by most of its population getting ill with fatal diseases. In this new world she can’t see dead bodies on the street, the supermarkets aren’t pilfered and she can’t see living humans around her house. To which world has she awaken to?’


In the Driving Lane by Misha Burnett

They said that everything was perfectly safe. They said that nothing could go wrong.
They lied.


Graduation Day by Chasity Nicole

‘Graduation Day is supposed to be the greatest day of a teenagers life. You graduate high school and embark on a journey to college and into adulthood. But, sometimes what is supposed do happen on Graduation Day doesn’t happen. Sometimes, your life takes a horrible turn and you never know what your future was supposed to behold.’


Highly Strung by Stephen Blake

‘Are all those who do evil things evil? Or are they having their strings pulled by dark forces? Joe sees the truth of it. Only he wishes he couldn’t.’


The Man with Bio degradable Skin by Angela Garratt

‘Scientists discover that animal testing in labs is not only expensive, but animal DNA is far too different from ours. So, the government is playing with new legislation, allowing scientists to hit the prisons. This is not something THEY want you to know about.’


The Verge by R.L. Andrew

‘Sebastian is torn between the only life he’s ever known and freedom. Mission after deadly mission Sebastian struggles against his bonds, gathering strength to fight the ultimate battle; for his soul.’