Soul Chaser Book Review




Life as we know it follows a clear course: a person is born, goes through life, and dies. We are not given the choice to deviate from this routine.
But what if we were?
Soul Chaser carries readers to a world where sixteen-year-old Raven Bishop must struggle with this choice time and time again, not for her sake, but for the sake of others whose lives she can save by repeatedly relinquishing her own.
The decision to die, and die over and over again, however, is not an easy one for anyone to make, let alone a girl who barely lived her own life–but the fate of Raven’s soul depends on it. Will she make the right choice?

My Review:

Fiver Stars

Soul Chaser was a great story about spirits that take over a child’s body shortly before the child dies. This happens so the child doesn’t experience the tragedy of their own death and so they can move on. And it really makes you feel for Raven as she goes through the motions of dying for all these kids.

Campbell paints a vivid image of the spirits as they go from one child to the next. You aren’t sitting there trying to figure out if you’re the child from before if you’ve moved on, it’s apparent who you are rather immediately. And it’s painful to read about these kids dying and how horrible some of their deaths truly are. It makes your heartbreak as you continue on seeing these kids die so young, and knowing that in reality this happens. But in our reality the kids feel the pain, they go through the turmoil. In Campbell’s world the kids don’t experience their deaths. They get to travel to the afterlife and aren’t stuck wondering the world. It’s nice to think that this is really how it happens and that kids don’t feel the pain of their own death.

Of course, Raven doesn’t exactly follow the rules of being a soul chaser and she has to deal with her consequences of doing so. Raven is a lovable spirit and you just want her to succeed and are hopeful that she will succeed in her divine purpose to alleviate the pain from a child dying. Facing her consequences make her see that she is destined for this and nothing else and that makes it easier for her to go on and follow the rules that she should be following. It makes one realize that we all have a purpose and sometimes we have to face the consequences of our decisions.

The story contains short chapters which makes it a quick and amazing read. I look forward to reading more from Campbell and hope there is more to the Soul Chaser series, because I feel left in the dark. I want to see Raven fulfill her destiny and mentor the next before moving on to her afterlife in Heaven above.

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