The Fault in our Stars Book Review

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Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars brilliantly explores the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this book. Augustus is by far one of my favorite male characters of the books I’ve read this year. He is such a solid character that it pained me to get through the last five chapters of this book. I knew what was going to happen, since I watched the movie prior. I was actually too afraid to read the book because I didn’t want to cry. But, I decided to read it none-the-less.

Hazel goes through Hell. She is diagnosed with cancer and battles it throughout the novel. Then she meets Gus and things seem to look up for her. She falls in love and it’s beautiful. The love she and Gus share if a flawless kind of love that we all hope to find one day in this crazy world. We all want a little piece of infinity. Sadly, her love story doesn’t run on like we all want our love stories to run. Her’s is short-lived. And not because of a break-up but because of a death. Which I think is the hardest part. We all know that sooner or later our loved one’s will pass, it’s inevitable. But, reading that the love of a teen’s life passes away at such a young age is devastating.

I have no idea how I would react if I was in Hazel’s shoes. I’d be completely lost without my husband. I wouldn’t go through the motions like she did. I’d be a lot more depressed and angrier. But she managed ‘well’ for someone going through this tragedy of love and loss. She handled it like she was an adult.

I cried the last five chapters, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. These two became a part of my day. I’d read their story and go about my daily routine. And now their story has ended and it feels like a part of me is missing. It was a pleasure to enjoy a little infinity while reading this amazing novel. And I am hopeful to read other John Green novels, even though I strongly suspect that they will all make me cry in the end.

Sins of the Past – The Mysterious Matt Lovell



It’s Sunday, and Sunday on Paws 4 Thought means Sins of the Past. Today we introduce the second author in the book, Matt Lovell. Tell us a little bit about yourself Matt.

I’m an insomniac writer, actor, director, puzzle-maker, computer geek, music and TV aficionado, cat-lover, night owl, and internet addict.

Who are your favorite authors?

I’d have to say Douglas Adams and Ray Bradbury are at the top of the list. This list changes of course.  But really anyone that is very clever with words. Both of those authors were amazing wordsmiths in different ways. Adams was a master at taking words and overanalyzing them from a satirical point of view until you forgot what his main point was. That’s pure comedy gold. I’ve seen authors try to write comedy before in genre fiction(fantasy, sci-fi, etc). And they end up just falling flat. They made likable characters but…

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Sins of the Past – Say Hello to Kerry E.B. Black



Today on Paws4Thought I continue our series of Sins of the Past interviews with author Kerry E.B. Black.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Kerry. 

I live in a little town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a little sunshiny house stuffed with a very funny spouse, amazing kids, two dogs, a soft cat, and two fish. The house is too small for all of us, but it is ours.

I come from a line of talented storytellers. My mom remains an inspiration. She tells amazing tales.

Who are your favorite authors?  

Good heavens, there are so many! I am an eclectic reader. If I have to choose but one author, though, I adore Neil Gaiman.

Tell us a bit about your story Maleficium?

My story in the Sins of the Past came from a document, a surviving letter from Anne of Cleves’ brother, requesting of King Henry…

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Sins of the Past – Meet Sugar Weasel Wrangler Don Miskel



 Tell us a little bit about yourself, Don.

Well, Debbie, I am a wrangler of sugar weasels and a writer of tall tales. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Actually, the former is a running joke and the latter is a lot closer to the truth! Add to that, I am obviously a joker.

On a more serious note, I like writing horror, though I am not stuck to any single genre. When I was a kid, my father used to watch a show called Creature Feature, which played classic horror movies. As it came on, Henry Mancini’s creepy, electric-guitar-driven theme from Experiment in Terror played. Though the images of Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, and Boris Karloff were scary enough, the music alone was enough to make me want to jump out of my skin with fright. My father thought this was funny.

In my teenage years, I became fascinated with the same…

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Sins of the Past – Say Hello to N.M. Scuri



  1. Today on Paws 4 Thought we welcome N.M. Scuri. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve always loved books and stories. I grew up on Hammer films, Dark Shadows, and Stephen King. Everything pretty much came from that.

  1. Who are your favorite authors?

In addition to Mr. King, I tend to run the gamut. Right now, I’m reading the Brontë sisters. I wrote my dissertation on Oscar Wilde and James Joyce.

  1. Tell us a bit about your story, It’s All Good News?

I was inspired by the story of Preston Castle. It’s also known as the Preston School of Industry and is located in California. It was a reform school that is alleged to be haunted due to the violence that occurred there over the years. I set my story during the Great Depression. It was a dark time in America, and I could see people clutching…

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Sins of the Past – Introducing Kristin Roahrig



It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for our weekly Sins of the Past interview. Today we talk to Kristin Roahrig, author of the story, Melusina. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Kristin.

Generally my days are spent either chasing toddlers or dusting off old records in the archives of a courthouse.

Who are your favorite authors?

I have a small list which includes Leo Tolstoy, Elizabeth Hand, and Nathaniel Hawthorne to name a few.

Tell us a bit about your story, Melusina?

The story is a mixture of revenge and a ghost tale. It centers around a Swiss soldier in Paris during the tumultuous days of the French Revolution.

If you could travel back in time to any place and period in the past where and when would you go?

Either England or Italy during the Renaissance era.

What attracts you to writing horror?

I enjoy…

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Sins of the Past – Meet Chasity Nicole


chasity nicole

Today on Paws4Thought we welcome fantasy author Chasity Nicole. Chasity is not just a contributor to Sins of the Past, but also the publisher and cover designer. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chasity.

I’ve been writing since high school, but never had the desire to publish anything. But I enjoy writing and try to write as much as I can, though time doesn’t always permit me to. I also draw, paint, read, and do a lot of graphic work. If I’m not doing one of those things I’m spending time with my little brother.

Who are your favorite authors?

I bounce around between authors, and it really depends on what genre of books I’ve been reading at the moment. Lately, it seems I’ve been reading quite a bit of manga. But my favorite authors seem to be Gena Showalter, Kathy Reichs, and Tolkien.

Tell us a bit…

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Sins of the Past – Sanctum by J. Kendall



There was only the sound of the wind, howling endlessly day and night, from long ago. What was once a busy town of rich miners during the Gold Rush was now a ghost town of rotting buildings, barren fields, and wind.  Oh how the wind howls in that valley as if filled with wolves hungry for prey in the darkness…

All was darkness. No light penetrated the eyes of the young boy as he lay face down on the cold stone floor.  His breath came in violent bursts from his chest; he tried vainly to rise and could not.  Panting he pushed with all his might against the floor and lifted his shoulders a few inches. All he remembered was pain, searing agony that penetrated his very existence.  He had no idea what caused the pain, only that he felt the pain in his soul and longed for an end…

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Six Moon Summer Book Review



Synopsis from Amazon: Rylie’s been bitten. She’s changing. And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf…forever.

Rylie Gresham has been attacked by a wild animal at summer camp. She survived with something far worse than normal injuries. Animals fear her, she’s craving raw flesh, and her anger is uncontrollable.

Mysterious Seth Wilder knows a lot about werewolves. He thinks he might be able to fix Rylie. His secrets might be far more dangerous than the change Rylie’s facing, but she has no choice but to trust him. After all, if she doesn’t figure out a way to stop the transformation, then at the end of summer, she’ll be a monster.

My Review: To say I absolutely loved this novel would be an understatement. I’m not typically one to be over fanatic about werewolves because to be honest they kind of freak me out. But I decided to give this series ago because it sounded really awesome. I am truly glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave this werewolf novel a try.

Rylie is an amazing leading female. She is undergoing emotional turmoil and you see her face all these challenges. Not only challenges of a normal teenager just trying to fit in, but of a teenager that has her world turned upside down. I don’t want to give any spoilers but Rylie’s life experiences are definitely different then your average teen.

She is sent to camp while her parents work out some ‘things.’ While at camp she meets a boy, Seth. Seth is amazing written and portrayed in the novel. I can say that what he ‘is’ really threw me for a loop. I totally wasn’t expecting that. And I absolutely love when that happens in a novel. Reine makes Seth an amazingly like-able guy and Rylie falls madly for him.

The ‘villains’ in this case the big bad werewolf that wants to recreate the population of werewolves. Is portrayed so well as a person that I really didn’t see it coming. One minute he doesn’t really like Rylie, the next he’s saving her butt. Then trying to convince her to join him in his plot to turn everyone into werewolves.

There is one thing that really upsets me about the ending though.And just because I don’t want to give away parts of the story and be a spoiler I won’t say it here. But let’s just say I definitely wish it would have ended differently and I’m hoping that in the next three books that what I wanted to happen somehow does happen.

Rating: Five Stars Highly Recommend this novel and the series.