Chasing Spirits Book Review




Take a look behind the scenes of the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures with paranormal investigator Nick Groff as he shares his favorite explorations of the supernatural. From recording strange voices during his dusk-to-dawn lockdowns at “haunted” places to a face-to-face encounter with a spirit at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, Nick reveals an inside perspective of some of the most mind-blowing incidents caught on-camera, a closer look at some of the gadgets and gear used in the show, and the friendly and competitive camaraderie between the Ghost Adventures crew—on the set and off.
Chasing Spirits also invites you into Nick’s haunted past, where a childhood near-death experience, an energetic passion for life, and a love of movies fueled his imagination and curiosity about the afterlife and started him off on his paranormal path. That path combined his interests in a documentary on ghosts that would eventually launch the Ghost Adventures television series and phenomenon. Everything Nick has witnessed and done has convinced him of the reality of the hereafter and inspired him to improve his personal and professional relationships and to continue to learn what it means to be a human being on a spiritual journey.


Rating: Four of five stars
Recommend: Yes
Read Again: Maybe

My Review:

I really thought I’d enjoy this more then I did. Now I loved the book, but I thought I’d really, really love it. I do love how Nick describes his favorite locations and gives behind the scenes detail of things we don’t see in the show. I love how he explains how Ghost Adventures started. Is fascinating to see how everything fell together like it did.

I love how he goes into detail on the history of locations like they do on the show. I find it all fascinating to one degree or another. I love the paranormal stuff and reading how they started. It’s intriguing and it gives you more of a feel for the show. This is especially true if you’ve never watched the show our have only caught glimpses. You see what it’s all about and can feel the real-ness in his words.

Reading the book gives me a greater respect for all who are on tv investigating the paranormal. I can see how hard it is for them to really get started, and it’s tough.

I loved the book. I’d probably read it again, for the history of the haunts and best places.

Trailer Park Princess Book Review




Rory is a simple girl in a simple world. It wouldn’t take much to make her happy, but that’s a goal she gave up on long ago. Now her only goal is to simply, survive. Rory used to count down the days until she could leave, but now with a younger brother in tow, it would be hard she could never leave him. Rory is trapped in the Trailer Park like a princess in her tower, with her mother playing the big bad drunken fire breathing dragon. The dream of her knight coming to save her faded away about the same time her goals changed. Feeling useless and angry Rory starts her new school and gets trampled by none other than Monroe Falls Golden Boy Tobias West. She finds herself seeing him as the knight she dreamed of, though she believes it to be just that, a dream. Tobias (Toby) is Mr. Popular/ Mr. Perfect/ Mr. Money in the bank. He is too high on the social ladder to step down to her level. Or was he?
Toby was smitten with Rory. Toby’s ex, Ashley refuses to lose out to trailer park trash, and Rory finds herself the fuel to Ashley’s new found hate. On top of Monroe Falls High School drama, Rory still has to deal with her drunken mother and needy brother. She doesn’t have time for childish games. Reality hits Rory hard when her mother brings home a ticking time bomb for a bed mate and the need for that shiny knight becomes real.
Rome appears like she conjured him up out of thin air with magical powers, and instantly becomes her best friend. He seems to always be around when she needs someone to talk to and seems to always know just how to fix it. (Did I mention he is drop dead beautiful?) Two knights in shining armor? Nope!! That doesn’t happen, not in fairy tales, and definitely not in real life. Rory finds herself realizing there is a thin line between relationships and friendships lines that are starting to blur. Toby is getting ready to leave for college, Ashley’s nonstop meanness, and Rome showing up can Rory handle the pressure?
Her old friend reality takes another whack at her, causing her dread and despair to take over. Rory is questioning herself and its wrecking havoc on the strong girl she’s always considered herself to be. Has her poor choices doomed her to life in the trailer park or will she be able to exceed even her own expectations? Will she ever realize she is truly a princess worthy of getting her prince? Or will she simply survive? How does Rory’s story end?
This book is suited best for readers over the age of 17 due to sexual content and some language. As well as a few different types of abuse that is rarely talked about. (Verbal, Mental, and to some extent sexual and psychical)


Rating: Four of Five Stars

Read Again: Definitely

Recommend: Definitely

My Review:

I absolutely loved the story of Rory’s life. She’s had it rough but doesn’t let her life define who she is. Her quirky ramblings remind her of me in a lot of ways. As Rome reminds me of my fiance. I spent the last half of the book screaming for Rory and Rome to be together. They fit well together.

I nearly cried when Toby found out about his daughter. My blood boiled when Zac was mentioned. It’s a heartfelt story of what can happen in high school and how one little blessing can change your life.

There were some grammatical issues, but I was still able to enjoy the story. Not everything is going to be noticed by editors and it wasn’t anything major.

I’m not a romance reader but I will definitely get other books by Delia Steele. And I hope she enlightens us with more of Rory and Rome. Or even Mando and Clay.

Hawkeye Volume 2: Little Hits



Artist David Aja returns to the most critically acclaimed comic of 2012, as ace archer Clint Barton faces the digital doomsday of – DVR-Mageddon! Then: Cherry’s got a gun. And she looks good in it. And Hawkeye gets very, very distracted. Plus: Valentine’s Day with the heartthrob of the Marvel Universe? This will be…confusing.

Marvel architect Matt Fraction continues his exciting, adventurous reinvention of the arrowed Avenger!
Rating: Five of Five Stars
Read Again: Definitely
Recommend: Definitely

Hawkeye is by far my favorite superhero. I actually bought the graphic novel for my brother but decided to read it today while I had time. I absolutely loved it. I knew Clint Barton was a heart-throb but I never really realized how much of one he was until now. Also Black Widow is totally in this one! Definitely a great graphic novel and definitely worth the read.

Hollow Fields Book Review



Little Lucy Snow was meant to be enjoying her first day at the nice elementary school in town; however a macabre twist of fate sees her enrolled instead at Miss Weaver’s Academy for the Scientifically Gifted and Ethically Unfettered–also known as Hollow Fields.

Located on the outskirts of Nullsville and run by the insidious Engineers, the grim boarding school dedicates itself to raising the next generation of mad scientists and evil geniuses! Classes include Live Taxidermy, Cross-Species Body-Part Transplantation and Killer Robot Construction, and for her own survival Lucy has to master them quickly…the student with the lowest grades at the end of each school week is sent to the windmill for detention–and so far, no child has ever returned!
Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read Again: Definitely
Recommend: Definitely

My Review:

It’s been a while since I’ve read a manga. Hollow Fields is an absolutely amazing read. The artwork is phenomenal and the storyline is just amazing.

It is hard to believe that these young genius go to a school for mad science. It’s even harder to believe that none of them question what occurs in the windmill. But all of these questions make for a great story and a wonderful adventure.

Every question I had while reading Hollow Fields was eventually answered. I was on the edge of my seat as I read this marvelous story crafted by Madeleine Rosca. And it definitely reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was my final push to get me to read this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a wonderful adventure of a girl who gets in a little over her head.