It’s so Tough

I’m getting married June 13th, 2015. And some days the time goes by fast while other days it just seems like time has stopped. I hate being a part from my fiance and only getting to see him on the weekends from time to time. And when he leaves it just gets harder and harder.

I know come June I never have to leave him, except when we go to work. But we’d always come home to one another. But it still sucks right now when he leaves. It’s like each time he goes a little tiny piece of my heart falls out.

My heart aches when he isn’t around. It livens up when I see him or get to hear his voice. But those times that I don’t see him or hear him I feel so very blue. I love him more then words can express. There actually isn’t a word in the human language that can describe how much I love my fiance.