North Carolina Hauntings

North Carolina is a beautiful state, but don’t let its beauty fool you.  There have been some tragic events that have occurred within the state line. Some worse than others and other events not so much. But none-the-less there are several places in the state of North Carolina that are haunted, and are the perfect place for freaky things to occur.

Mount Pleasant- Cline School Road: A man will walk across the street at 3 a.m. When you get out of the car the man will disappear as if he was never there to begin with. I’ve witnessed this one, though I never got out of the car. I have seen a man walk across the street and vanish into thin air as if he was never there to begin with.

South Rowan High School: Pictures are taken from the auditorium by a white figure or a white light. I haven’t experienced this one. There was also a recent shooting at the school about a year or so ago.

Sally’s Bridge- Concord, NC: Sally’s bridge is off of Poplar Tent Road. The story behind this bridge is that one night a young high school female was driving with her baby one night in the rain and tan into a creek. Sally couldn’t find her baby and the two died. When you stop she will do anything to convince you to help her find her child. She’ll knock on the car door and try to open the windows.

Gravity Hill: Davidson: Gravity Hill is a story most people have heard about. I first heard of Gravity Hill in Elementary school when my librarian went and tried it out. She put baby powder on her car and actually felt her car being pushed up the hill. Hand prints littered her car from the baby powder. What is said to have happened here is that a woman broke down and was trying to fix her car when it rolled over on her child’s car seat. The child was killed instantly. The mother tries to push cars off of her dying child.

The Bleeding Tombstone: Mount Pleasant, Miami Church Road: A young girl was raped and brutally murdered on Halloween night. A rock that is at the site of her murder bleeds at around midnight each night and freaky things tend to happen on Halloween night. Your car will stall, you’ll sometimes see an image of the young girl. She’ll try and get you to take her home even. Sacrifices have occurred at this spot after the original tragedy.

Happy’s Lake: Rockwell, NC: Happy’s Lake is a man-made lake where lots of people go to have fun in the summer months. However, it’s is haunted. A many people have drowned in the lake, but that isn’t where the real hauntings lie. A mile or so down the road is a trailer park. This trailer part holds a lot of demons. Witch craft occurred here, a man was hung for murdering his family, and also a portal to Hell is drawn in trailer #9. I’ve lived in this place and can’t describe all of what we experienced here, but we lived through some pretty scary things.

These are just a few areas in NC that are haunted by spirits. The reason I listed these above is because I’ve either had experience with the paranormal in these locations or have heard stories of the activity. One should never go alone to investigate haunted places, nor should the unexperienced host investigations. If you do want to go on a ghost hunt contact someone who does haunting tours and they may be able to put you in contact with someone. Sometimes haunted places can be haunted by spirits that wish to harm you and they can feed off of negative energy. So please, don’t investigate if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you scare too easily.


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