Sins of the Past

Sins of the Past is an anthology collection of seventeen spine tingling historical tales. Each story is different than the one that follows it and no two stories are exactly the same. There are tales of ghosts, tales of werecats, and tales of a movie that changed the lives of everyone. And that isn’t all. Each story will leave you craving for the next one and eager to discover what the next title is and what it is about.

The anthology is set to release on October 31, 2014.


VishKanya (The Poison Maiden) by Sunila Vig
“Not all seduction is sweet.”


Sic Semper Susurrus by Matt Lovell
“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, which of you is trying to kill me?”


Maleficium by Kerry E.B. Black
“A Tudor household runs afoul of sorcerous malintentions.”


Good Puritan by Laura K. Cowan
“A good preacher man is hard to find.”


Blood Tribe by Don Miskel
“Come out to the coast…let’s get together…have a few laughs…”


It’s All Good News by N.M. Scuri
“In the depths of the Great Depression, all he wanted was to go home.”


Melusina by Kristin Roahrig
” In the time of the French Revolution, a Swiss guard finds that ancient family debts demand payment , no matter the means.”


Sanctum by J. Kendall
” All riches come at a price!”


A Ghostly Haunting by Chasity Nicole
“Not all ghosts are bad ones.”


Traitor Coward Betrayer by Joseph Lofthouse
“The terrors of Gettysburg were only the beginning.”


The Beast of Alkali Lake by Jen Ponce
” Under the surface lies a monster.”


In the Stillness and the Silence by T.D. Harvey
“In war, there is more to fear than the enemy.”


Birthright by Andy Morris
“Russia’s last heir just inherited a lot more than he bargained for.”


Griddlebone by Debbie Manber Kupfer
“Never underestimate a cat.”


Nature’s Revolution by Michael “Mad Mike” Nagy
“Man’s War, Nature’s Retribution.”


We Pass from View by Misha Burnett
“Sometimes a movie can change your life.”


The Innocent by Cleve Sylcox
“Home is never what it seems.”

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