The Flavors of a Good Ghost Story

The Flavors of a Good Ghost Story

By Dreaming Novelist Laura K. Cowan


Guest Post for Chasity Nicole

April 21, 2014




“Not All Ghost Stories Are Sad.” That’s the line I have used to introduce people to my upcoming literary supernatural novel, Music of Sacred Lakes [ ] , in which a young man is helped to a discovery of his place of belonging in the world by the spirit of a girl he accidentally killed. There was a time when I thought all ghost stories were the same. But if you dive into the supernatural genre, particularly the YA flavor my fellow author Chasity Nicole writes so well, or the spiritual end that is my playground, you find a much richer genre.


“A beautiful young girl with a free spirit, so I’m told. Let’s see if we can break that spirit. I’m Miss Elleanora.” So begins Chasity’s story of Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams, in which children who misbehave are fed to a mysterious monster beneath the school. From this story to her haunting tales in the upcoming Sins of the Past historical horror anthology and Shades of Fear [change title if anthology name changes] in which we are both taking part, you can see how Chasity balances the frightening and the humorous, the human spirit and the things that try to suck it dry from the hereafter.


My stories? Well, they’re pretty strange as well. In Music of Sacred Lakes [ ] the protagonist Peter is pursued by strange images and sounds that haunt him through his waking and sleeping hours. The spirit of the girl he killed rises out of Lake Michigan under the Northern Lights and tries to help him understand something very important about the world around him and his place in it. And ultimately, it is the lake itself he hears whispering this truth to him when he finally finds an inner silence and gives up his will to die. But this story is so far afield from the standard ghost story that you might not even be sure that that’s what it is. I’m not even sure that that’s what it is! I love to write stories that are on a fringe like Chasity’s, where even I’m not quite sure how to explain them. I think that’s the key to a really good ghost story. It leaves you feeling a bit haunted, not quite with all the answers, but with some very interesting questions and an unforgettable experience. Who needs all the answers, anyway?



Laura K. Cowan, The Dreaming Novelist, writes imaginative novels that explore the possibilities of the human condition through the connections between the spiritual and natural worlds. Her debut novel The Little Seer spent its launch week at #2 and #5 on the Kindle Bestseller List for free titles in Christian Suspense and Occult/Supernatural, and was hailed by reviewers and readers as “riveting,” “moving and lyrical.” Laura’s second novel, a redemptive ghost story titled Music of Sacred Lakes, and her first short story collection, The Thin Places: Supernatural Tales of the Unseen, will be available soon. Connect with Laura on her website, on Twitter or on Facebook.



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Debbie Manber Kupfer grew up in the UK in the East London suburb of Barking. She has lived in Israel, New York, and North Carolina and somehow ended up in St. Louis, where for the last 15 years she has worked as a freelance puzzle constructor of word puzzles and logic problems. She lives with her husband, two children and a very opinionated feline. Her first novel, P.A.W.S., was published in June 2013 and she’s currently working on a sequel. In addition she has short stories in three anthologies: Flash It!, Fauxpocalypse, and Shades of Fear. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything! Connect with Debbie on her blog or Facebook


This blog hop is about allowing writers to share “how” they write as well as “what” they write and even some of the “Why’s”.  Writing is writing but each person that writes does so differently.  The end result is the same and yet so very different and the paths each writer takes to get there is varied as well.

Who Am I?


My name is Chasity Nicole, of course that is only my first and middle name. I grew up in a sort of small town in the middle of nowhere. My school had a barn, which I spent many a class down at, since I was predominately an animal science student then. I started writing for the fun of it back in 2005. I wrote with a few friends and at the time it was just something we did to pass the time in school. I never intended to publish anything that is until two years ago when I had the idea for Wickedly Misunderstood. All because one wild dream, from that the Valhaven Island Series came to life.

So every person that is involved in this 2014 Blog Hop is answering the same questions.  And here are my answers!


What am I working on right now?

Right now I am working on a short story for an anthology project. It is a dark fantasy story involving a young fairy trying to find her way home. I’m also avidly working on book two of my Valhaven Island Trilogy. I also have numerous other projects in the works, including two novels with my best friend, Misti (she’ll be tagged at the bottom). Other than writing I’m working with my mom on a jewelry line inspired by Wickedly Misunderstood, and painting random things to put my mind at ease. Also just launched the start of a magazine Indie Nerds Quarterly, though it’s release date is a bit up in the air at this time.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would say that my writing differs from other’s of it’s genre in that I went away from the typical fantasy that you are seeing on the shelves today. My novel is also based off of dreams that I’ve had, and I eventually decided to write it out and that lead me to publishing it two years later. I also love to have the characters that you fall in love with but then I twist them and you end up hating them and feeling bad for liking them in the first place. 

Why do I write what I do?

Most of the things that I write come to me in a dream, or are something that I’ve lived through. I like to tie in real life experiences from time to time, even if they don’t happen exactly like they did in real life. For me this gives the story emotion and makes it feel real. I know when I read I like to feel like I’m there. I like my heart torn out because I end up liking the bad guy, that’s what makes writing fun. I write simply to make others happy and to allow them an escape and fantasy worlds just seem like a great escape, especially with some awesome friends.

How does my writing process work? 

Most of the time if I have a dream over and over again, and it would make a good story, I see this as a sign to write the story. That is how the Valhaven Island Trilogy started and how Miss Elleanora’s Boarding School of Buried Dreams (featured in Anything Goes coming soon). They were all dreams, most of my stories start out as a dream and I just write what I remember and then it just flows right out. I also write with music, certain songs produce more of a word count then others. But like all writers, sometimes I do have writer’s block, in those instances I just paint. Writing is relaxing for me, it’s a release.




Wickedly Misunderstood


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These authors will be posting the answers to these questions next week, be sure to go and check out their blogs to see their answers, what they are working on, and who they tag next.


Misti Blake


Misti Blake was born in Concord, NC in 1990. She has three half-sisters, two of which are German, and a brother.  

She graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in 2008 in the top 40% of my class.  English and Science have always been her passion.  While her career has never been clear, she has always worked life around writing.  It was during high school that the idea for her first two novels blossomed.

Writing has always been her passion and it has always been a powerhouse in her life. She’s written several short stories with her best friend in high school and is an avid poetry writer.  Novels have always been her favorite, however.  



A Dangerous Life      

The End of Dreams


Robert Rummery


Robert Rumery is a poet and writer living in Connecticut. He relocated there from Milo, Maine four years ago. Robert grew up in the small, rural town of Milo, graduating high school in 2003. He has always had a keen interest in books, especially those of his favorite author, Stephen King. Robert’s love for King’s work began in childhood and drew him to his love of horror. Robert has always been intrigued by writing. A big fan of super heroes and comic book-style writing, he enjoys creating worlds in his mind and putting them into words. Also a big fan of poetry, Robert has also published a book of poetry, which encouraged him to write his first fiction. In addition to long hours spent writing, Robert has gathered a full team of supportive people around him, as well as taking part in a strong, creative writing community on Facebook. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys hanging out with his family, especially his adorable, four-year-old sister.




Melinda Landry


Mel is a chick lit writer based out of Amarillo, Texas. She’s currently unpublished but is trying pretty darn hard to change that! She’s also a blogger and book reviewer. She was that kid who spent every waking buried in a book. Every Saturday morning was spent in the library. She has always enjoyed classic literature (Bronte! Austen! Fitzgerald!) but women’s literature sweeps her off of her feet. Mel’s goal in life is to become the next Nora Ephron.