Today is a Great Day

I just received two very awesome e-mails this morning. One from my school, another from a friend of mine that reviewed my novel.

Last week I decided that it would be best for me to go and obtain some type of forensics degree to help me better get ahead of the game, and I contacted my school about being placed in the program. I was super excited to find out that most of my credits transferred over and that I will only have to complete two terms, which is about 6 classes usually, in order to obtain my Associates in Criminology and Forensics. This is great news for me.

Then I found an e-mail message from a friend of mine saying she had reviewed my book and it was now up on amazon. This is what the review said: “This young adult style story of a girl with explosive good looks and superhuman powers, who is taken to a research center for other young people like her with other special abilities only to discover a dark secret, has that visual pop you look for in teen movies and TV shows, like the color is super saturated. Every plot element from Ember’s name and appearance to her complex relationships to everyone’s unique powers is interesting and it’s hard to put down. I found the grammar a little jarring, but I think it will be easy for Southern U.S. readers in particular as it sounds like the manner of speaking from roughly that area of the United States.” I’m still working on not sounding overly Southern when I write, but the majority of the characters seem to be from southern states, so it kind of makes sense. I believe the southern way of writing is possibly my writing voice and style as that seems to be what I’m comfortable writing like. 😀

Now off to start the rest of my day, and make a video of excerpts some time this week 😀 


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