Interview with Chasity Nicole(an author and a woman who shows us that being different doesn’t mean to be less worthy)

My Novels, My World

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1st March 2014                                                Jane Peskara/Audrey Valentine,

answered by Chasity Nicole

Q: How old are you? Where are you from?

A: I am 23 years old, and from the small town of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.

Q: You are a writer. When did u realize, writing is what you want to do?

A: Around 2005 is when I really started writing for the fun of it with a best friend in high school.

It was always just for the fun and love of it, as it is now.

About a year ago is when I realized I wanted to publish something instead of leaving everything I’ve ever wrote to collect dust.

Writing is a passion for me, and I think you have to have that passion when you write.

Q: What are you writing about?

A: A mixture of sorts.

My novel, Wickedly Misunderstood is a…

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