Coupon Offer for Wickedly Misunderstood

I reached 775 likes on my Facebook author page,, so I decided to do something special and do a 25% off of my e-book, Wickedly Misunderstood. The coupon is valid for two weeks, until 3/11/14.

Here’s how you get it. Go to and click to purchase a copy of the e-book in whatever format you choose. Then when promoted enter the coupon code VA98Y.

You can get the e-book in Kindle, Nook, PDF, EPUP and other various e-book formats. 

You save 10$ from the paperback price of $15.99 and 2$ from the original e-book price of $7.99.

The e-book contains original artwork and a special section that gives you a chance to look into Ember’s world a bit further.


Valhaven Island is a strange island located in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The island is completely ran by robots, and the only inhabitants are eight young adults, and the two adults that brought them here (Jun and Mr. Snake). Both are very shady individuals, but they are not the only shady people on the island. 
There’s me, Ember, the fiery hot-head (literally), Elecktra the eccentric bubbly one (and her own light source), Harleigh the promiscuous one, Thirteen the energetic child (or monkey we have yet to figure that out), and that’s only the girls. Of the boy’s, Blade is seriously mysterious and no one likes him, Sage thinks he’s all that, Dante the with-drawn emo kid (but he’s really, really reliable, he saved my life), and Kai the super-genius, or super annoying smarty-pants depending on how you take what comes out of his mouth. 
To sum everything up, someone has two-near death experiences, a few fall in-love, one is the Devil’s son (yep that’s right we live on an uncharted island with the Spawn of Satan), someone is kidnapped by the Devil and dragged to Hell. And to make the situation all the more awesome, four new teens arrive and one is a purple-dragon girl. Seriously she’s freaking purple, and can turn into a dragon, how flipping awesome is that!


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