I’ve Accomplished so Much Today

Yesterday I got to work writing one of my short stories for a project on Facebook called the Pants Anthology. Well today I finished my story and I am entirely satisfied with all the twists and turns that came with that story. At first my story was going to be funny but turn dark, but it didn’t start out funny. My main character had other ideas on the funny part and it was sort of dark from the get-go. 

Then all these twists happened. I never intended for the pants to be what they were and for the girl to be something else, but some how it just happened that way. I just love it when I go in to write something one way and end up writing something entirely different. It’s a wondrous feeling to stare at what you write and wonder where such an idea even came from.

I even read some of it to my dad and bounced ideas off of him, and he told me I’m just like him with my odd imagination. That is so true, that I take after my dad on the strange imagination front, but I love it.

Asides from that I started working on book two of my series today. Well I formatted what I already wrote a few weeks back and I plan to continue working on it tonight. I better get to work on it if I plan to have it out by next year. If it takes longer than that I predict I’ll have some upset readers because the cliffhanger I left them on.


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