Story behind The Outlandish Hero

I am the person who wants to see the world become a better place, for everyone. That is why I am a part of three anthology projects that are donating all funds to charities. Agabe book anthology is my own project with some amazing authors writing amazing stories based on tough things they’ve been through. The Fear anthology was a bit different in that it was based solely on fear and all funds go to charity on that one too. Then I was approached with a new one today, via my Agabe group about a project that is going to donate funds to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to help fight Pediatric Cancer. I’m all for writing something to help out the project.

My mother has been diagnosed with cancer twice, so cancer is something that hits close to home with me. Also I was hospitalized back in 2007 and was sent to a pediatric cancer doctor to make sure my bleeding disorder was because of cancer. I went to the Levine Children’s Hospital, if I’m not mistaken.

Those are the reasons that I have chosen to write a story for this project, I may or may not be chosen. But that is a guessing game in the long run. But that thought will not keep me from writing an amazing story of a young hero who takes life into her own hands.

Now that you know the background behind it, I’ll share a sneak peak of the beginning of the story in another blog posting in a little while.

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